Welcome Care Extenders!

My name is Gina, and I will be your CCU department coordinator for this rotation.   I will continually update this website for our department, so if you are ever unsure of your shifts, due dates etc... you should be able to find all the info here! Please make sure you check your email and this website at least once a week so you are to date with all current events. If you have any questions, feel free to email me :)


* Announcements: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Are you interested in becoming more involved in the CE program?  Then apply to be part of the Recruitment Committee!  The committee is a group of CEs who help to recruit new applicants for the CE program in various different schools, websites, etc.   The work that you do in this committee will be essential to the quality of the program, since you will be the ones ensuring that we get a diverse and excellent group of fresh recruits for the program.

Benefits to being in the committee include:

-Qualify for a Letter of Recommendation if you remain in good standing in the committee for two or more rotations.
-Receive extra hours.  You will get hours for all of the extra time that you put in to publicizing for the program.  For example, you will get 4 hours for each classroom announcement that you make.
-Become more involved in the CE program.  This committee is a good way to know more about how the program works.  Also, it is a good way to start working with the staff of the CE program.

We are looking for a group of dedicated, responsible, and creative CEs to be a part of the committee.  Students from all of the local colleges are welcomed to apply!
I have attached to this email the job description and the application for the Recruitment Committee.  Please read through the job description to know more about the responsibilities and details of being in the committee.  Then, fill out the application on your computer and email it to me at tracywang21@gmail.com.
The deadline for the application is May 31st at 5pm.

* CCU Wiki --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- How do I fill out Competency Checklists?
  • Take a Competency Checklist Paper from the Bins in the Sign in Room.
  • During your shift, find an RN and ask them to go through the Competency Checklist with you.
  • Remember to go through the main checklists and also the section pertaining to CCU.
  • Make sure you have them initial and date ALL lines and sign at the bottom
  • Turn in to my folder (CCU Folder) in volunteer room.
- How many Care Extenders are allowed per shift?
  • Two Care Extenders are allowed per shift
  • However, make sure you do not stick together throughout the whole shift. Learn actively and independently!

- How do I do shift changes?
  • Shift changes may be made 48 hours before the assigned shift!!
  • Please tell me a reschedule date.  (Make sure to check calender to see that the timeslot is empty!)

- What should I tell you when I send in my shift signups?
  • Please be specific with shifts and include:   "day of week -- date  --- times"
  • Please give the same number of alternatives for however many shifts you sign up for.  I.E.  3 shifts ... 3 alternatives (in order of preference)
  • Shift changes may be made 48 hours before the assigned shift!!
  • I will assign shifts in order of email received !! so if you send to me at 1200AM... on the 15th of each month, that one you will be first I will schedule etc...
- What's the Process of an Excused Absence?
  • Call department at least 15 minutes before shift about your shift.
  • Get staff member name
  • Email me within 24 hours (include reason and staff member name)

- What's a typical day like?
  1. Go to the Volunteer Sign- In room (A tower).   Sign-in on the computer then initial next to your name on the calender#1 (in the binder on the shelf). 
  2. Go to 4th floor tower, CCU, nurses station.
  3. Write name (using dry erase marker ;) ) on White Board  behind nurses station
  4. Initial next to name on calender#2 (posted on bulletin board in nurses room.
  5. Introduce yourself to the secretary or other nurses.  "Hi my name is ------, I will be the care extender today from --- to ---- ."  & Learn lots during your shift!
  6. Erase name from white board when nurses station
  7. Go to Volunteer Sign In room, turn in any necessary forms, Signout.
  8. See you next shift!

- Can I bring homework?
  •  Nonononoo! No homework, no cellphones or computer usage!
  • You may bring only a small book during downtime. But remember, it is best to be proactive during your shift that way you will learn a lot!
  • Don't be shy! Shadow nurses, ask questions, learn and have fun :)
- What can I do during downtime?
  • Be proactive! Ask questions :).
  • Help restock carts.
  • Help secretary with answering phone lines/patient calls.
- I have another question you didn't address on the wiki!
  • First check the CCU Dep. Descriptions Link then if it is still not there, feel free to email me :)

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