Symposium on HCI Grand Challenges

Location: Roberts G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming LT, UCL Engineering Front Building, Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7JE. [UCL Map] [Google Maps]

Date and time: Monday 12th September 2016. [Schedule for the day]

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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is concerned with the design and use of digital technology, focusing on the interfaces between people and computers. 

Over the past two decades computing devices have become ubiquitous. An entire ecosystem of products and services has quickly emerged to support all manner of human activities, bringing with it many opportunities for HCI researchers to understand human experiences with technology. 

This symposium brings together leading HCI researchers to identify and discuss the grand challenges for HCI research in the next decade. 


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The symposium builds on recent discussions concerning the framing of HCI research. Some key questions that will be discussed are: 
  • What is the relationship between understanding how people use existing technologies and building future technologies?
  • What is the relationship between quantitative and qualitative approaches to understanding people and interactional contexts? 
  • What is the relationship between theory and empirical work?
  • How should we manage the tension between rigor and relevance? 
  • How should we manage the tension between looking out for novel topics and developing core motor themes?
  • What is the relationship between the HCI field and its parent disciplines?