Meeting Minutes 2/3/11

posted Feb 4, 2011, 8:49 AM by tiffany novak   [ updated Feb 18, 2011, 1:27 PM ]

UPSA Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 3, 2011

5:30-6:30pm, SE 112

T-Shirt Update
  • Color: royal blue, with white letters & yellow symbols
  • Sleeves might have saying “UPSA” or “MURPs”
  • Erica’s friend quote: $750-$900 for 100 shirts
  • Ali’s quote from Glad Rags Inc (Fullerton): $839 for 100 shirts
  • We want to sell for reasonable price of $15/shirt
  • Want to do a combo of pre-ordering and fronting money from existing account
  • Want to get the shirts out before the warmer season starts
  • Chris H. volunteers to test out a design for the shirts
Professional Outreach
  • (EIR/Site Plan/AutoCAD/Google SketchUp) Most common terms
  • Really want people for workshops
  • Possible setups for a series on the weekends
  • *try to talk to the 2nd yr students & alumni about planning professional workshop series and apply for grants
  • Greg W. and Chris H. might get together to plan workshop for tutorial on Google SketchUp
  • Suzanne S. will talk to Professional Outreach Chair Jennifer C. about bringing professionals in to host workshops and tutorials
  • Kelly Hickler (OCAPA)
    • Wants campus-wide movie viewing “FUEL” (Jan 27th but will not work)
    • Need to get back with her
    • Possibly looking to collaborate with undergrad groups
    • Problems: 1) need room (pricing problem)
      • 2) can’t sell manufactured goods, just baked goods to raise money
Faculty Meeting that Ali attended (01-31-11)-Points of Interest
  • Whether to assign credits for internships
    • Lauren G. has previous year’s proposal and Survey Monkey Results
    • She believes we should send out a Survey Monkey to poll 1st yr students on their thoughts about this issue
  • Faculty is thinking about calibrating the size of the incoming MURPs because they want the incoming students to have a specific ratio to faculty
  • Orientation for International Students, maybe?
Professional Fees
  • UC Regents wants to put forth a professional fee (usually applied to programs like law schools and medical schools)
  • Want to attach a fee of approximately $5000/yr ($10,000 total for 2 years)
  • UCB and UCLA passed this and want it for their Master’s in Urban Planning programs
  • Fees will not affect our class (2012) but they can affect future students and the quality of the program
Alumni Mixer
  • Alumni Chair Suzanne S. is thinking about organizing an Alumni Mixer, tentatively to be held during the 1st wk of Spring Quarter ’11 (Thursday March 31st)
  • Possible sites-Dave and Buster’s, Steel Head