Emails from Evanston

"The deed is done."
                                                                                                -Mayor Shelley Welsch in an email to Lehman Walker, July 12, 2010


This site contains emails provided by the City of Evanston, IL through the Freedom of Information Act.  These emails cover the time from when Lehman Walker began work as the Director of Community and Economic Development for the City of Evanston until just shortly after he accepted the position of City Manager for the City of University City.  The emails contain some of the correspondence between Lehman Walker and Mayor Shelley Welsch, Joyce Pumm, the City Clerk of University City, and Councilmember Lynn Ricci. 

These emails provide an insight into what actually took place leading up to and in the hiring of a new City Manager for University City. They form an informational basis for parts of the lawsuit, Carr, Donohoe, Donohoe, McMahon & Sullivan v. City of University City, Missouri.  The Petition can be found

The emails are arranged chronologically.             BEGIN READING HERE


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