13/02-15 Update on Loop Trolley

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Update on the Loop Trolley:

The Department of Public Works and Parks has completed the review of the Traffic Study for the Trolley.  They agree with the results and have forwarded this to the Plan Commission for use in the Conditional Use Permit required for the Trolley.  The Plan Commission will consider the Conditional Use Permit for the Trolley, now scheduled for February 27, 2013.

The Traffic Study for the Trolley assumes that the proposed Roundabout will be built, and the traffic projections are based on the simultaneous existence of the Loop Trolley and the Roundabout.  The Roundabout, however, has not yet been considered nor approved by the Council. 

It is also noted that when the Roundabout was previously was reviewed for design conformance with the Civic Complex Historic District Standards by the Historic Preservation Commission last July, the Commissioners had not been properly provided the with the Civic Complex Historic District Standards: The Civic Plaza Historic Plan from 1985 and the Civic Plaza Historic District Report from 1993.
These plans were drawn up by the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of staff and citizen time (details in the master plans).  The City executed these plans and installed all the specified improvements through, in part, a $450K voter-approved bond issue (approx. 1994). 

Since the HPC members did not have these existing standards in hand when considering the Roundabout, this may need to be resubmitted to HPC for review of the proposed Roundabout development for conformance with Civic Complex Historic District standards. 

The Roundabout appears to be in major conflict with the City's adopted and executed plans. These plans would have to be amended to change the standards.

Aside from the zoning considerations in the historic preservation district, the City must consider the changes in traffic and parking that will occur as a result of the installation of a roundabout as proposed.  During the Town Hall meeting on the Proposed Roundabout, Richard Wilson, Director of Public Works and Parks, suggested the City set up a facsimile roundabout to make real-time measurements on the effects of installing a roundabout in the Historic Civic Plaza.   A cost analysis for this roundabout facsimile study should soon be provided to the Council. 

February 15, 2013

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