•Ricci: Fear of Citizens - calls for More Police

Council Member Ricci Calls For 5 Police Officers at Council Meetings: Expresses fear of citizens!
                 Feb. 25, 2011   UniversityCityPatch

Email sent by Council Member Lynn Ricci: Council Member Reprimand

From: Lynn Ricci []
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 1:18 AM
To: Shelley Welsch
Cc: Byron Price; Joyce Pumm; Kraft, Stephen; L. Michael Glickert; Lynn
Ricci; Sharpe, Arthur; Shelley Welsch; Terry Crow.; Terry Crow; Welsch,
Bill and Shelley; Lehman Walker
Subject: Councilmember Reprimand

Thank you Ms. Welsh for your letter but its reprimand does not go far

enough in my opinion.   I am now as of this last meeting uncomfortable
for safety of all in council chambers.  When a council member gets
physical, loud, and menacing, it is frankly not that individual
councilmember that I fear as much as the unknown audience member who,
however irrational it may be, is incited to act.  I never thought it
would be, but apparently it is, necessary to list for council the
Kirkwood incident, the Colorado incident, the school board incident.
Therefore I move for a proclamation of zero tolerance and I want to
see 5 police officers at our meeting to remove any person,
councilmember or audience member alike, that acts in such a fashion.
And I go on the record and put council on notice of my concern.

By the way, who on council disclosed this confidential information?
We have experienced numerous breaches of confidentiality since last
year's election.  While my inquiries have led me to conclude the
identity of the source, I think council needs to formally make an
independent investigation given its powers of investigation under the

If council addresses any bad behavior swiftly, summarily and
rigorously, then maybe the nonsense will end so we can get down to
essential business without flighty distraction.

Additional cc or bcc:  None

Lynn Ricci
Councilmember, Ward 2
City of University City
7833 Gannon Avenue, 63130
314-725-9090 /


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I just received a copy of an email addressed to the Mayor and Council from my Councilmember, Lynn Ricci (above).  An article about this email has already been published in the University City Patch.  I am dismayed and alarmed at the tone and implications contained in this email. 

I have been faithfully attending University City Council meetings for nearly 2 years, and have NEVER seen any displays of aggression or suggestion of violence... neither from Council members toward each other, or toward citizens, and certainly not from citizens toward council members.  Passion, yes - heated words, occasionally - long-winded lectures, yes - but never aggression, never violence - and certainly never by citizens!  I have heard mostly polite pleas by citizens for attention to the issues that they feel are important.

Passion for an idea or issue is never to be confused with the threat of violence.  For most of this time, I have been a passionate opposition speaker, and I can assure you that I have never feared reaction from the council members or audience.  Judging by reactions, neither the council nor citizens fear me.  Ms. Ricci summoned me to my activism.  When she encouraged me to stand for causes that she supported, it was inspiration, but now she writes of others being incited rather than inspired.  This makes no sense!

This goes to the heart of free speech - the very foundation of our country:  how many citizens will feel free to speak in an environment heavily manned by police?  Will you be removed by the police if Ms. Ricci does not like your words or tone of voice?  Council members must feel free to represent their constituents, especially when those views are minority views.  Citizens should be nurtured and encouraged to participate in government.  It takes courage to stand before the Council and speak freely, particularly if you know that they do not want to hear what you have to say.  Ms. Ricci has often called for citizen activism, so why is she now fearing and seeking to limit the citizen voice?  To me it seems to be merely the use of hyperbole to muffle any voices of opposition.

I ask that you peacefully let the Council know that citizens have a voice - a place at the table.  Please consider attending the City Council Meeting on Monday, February 28, 2011.  If you cannot come, please consider writing to all council members.

Thank you for reading this, and feel free to pass it along.  I look forward to seeing you at this coming Monday evening's meeting, and at many other meetings to come.

-Paulette Carr, Gannon Ave.
Feb. 27, 2011

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