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Tip 141: Swim tips for triathletes

Here's many suggestions for non swimmers preparing for a triathlon

How far away is your triathlon?
How many days weeks, or months do you have to prepare?
If it's just a week away, work on technique

Relax in the water

Swim at a comfortable pace

Save your legs


Breathe every stroke

Swim straight

lift your head every now and then to make sure you're swimming the right direction, don't blindly trust the swimmer you're drafting off of

Study the course

If you swim too hard your body will go from using aerobic energy to anaerobic, you'll swim fast for a while but then shut down and go through much unnecessary pain

wear a good suit, cap and goggles

Take it easy a few days before your triathlon.

Improve your technique
Use your arms not your legs
Learn to 2 beat kick
Learn to breathe correctly
reach your arms all the way out front, press your hand all the way past your hips

find your go all day pace
learn how to even split swims

Learn how to draft
Drafting is where you swim so close to the swimmer in front of you that you don't have to work as hard

Distance per stroke
learn to take fewer strokes and get more out of each arm pull
learn to feel the water,
clean the bubbles off when you place your hand in the water

how long does it take you to swim a

If you have months to prepare you can work on technique and conditioning

have someone help you with your technique

you can make remarkable improvements in your swimming ability with less than a week to go till your triathlon but it won't come from training hard, it will come from learning to swim correctly