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Tip 092: Faster intervals

If you are really determined to swim faster in meets you need to make faster intervals in practice.

Here's a few techniques to improving

1) Find out what intervals you can make and
Find our where you fail
Find out how many 100's or 200's you can make on a particular interval
Like 10 x 100 free or
5 x 200 free

2) Correctly split your swims
your goal is to make as many as you can
don't kill yourself on the first few

3) consistently train
If you took a break between seasons you might discover you can't hold the intervals you held just a few months ago
you've got to get back in shape and that comes from consistently training.

4) If you're trying to move from one interval to the next
you might try straddling an interval
like doing 10 x 100 odds on 1:15 evens on 1:10

5) part of it is just being mentally tough and handling fatigue

6) draft off the swimmer in front of you
Intervals are harder to make when you lead a lane and easier to make when someone is in front of you

7) if you train wearing 2 suits drop a suit.

8) improve your technique, your strokes, streamline and turns

9) have a coach watching and training partners in the pool with you, I think it's much harder to make tough intervals if you're training alone.

10) if you're good with math and have a digital pace clock you can try nontraditional intervals, typical intervals are advance by 5 second amounts, but there's no rule
let's say you can make 5 x 200 on 2:30 but can't make 5 x 200 on 2:25
why not try doing them on 2:27

11) when you fail, try skipping a 50 and attempting the interval again.

12) Try another day, add another repeat or drop your time by a little.

13) Move into a faster lane, make the interval and don't get in the way.

14) Get in the zone Mentally
Be very determined, be tough yet relaxed.
Tell yourself you can make it.

When you are able to make intervals you've never been able to make before you'll feel a real sense of accomplishment and confidence. If you're training for races 200 and up interval training will do wonders for you, work on swimming faster intervals in practice.