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Tip 086: Coachability

Coachability means doing what your coach asks or tells you to do. Whether it's a training set or a technique tweak.

Flip this around, you're now the coach, you have one swimmer who does everything you ask them to do and you have another swimmer who never does anything you ask them to. Who are you going to give your time an attention to?

Really great swimmers are coachable. They do the sets the coaches give them, they make the technique tweaks the coach tells them to make. Some coaches apply technique corrections in layers, they try to fix one thing at a time rather than give a swimmer a laundry list of everything wrong that they need to correct. If you don't fix the first thing they might not get around to the next. Also if you never do what your coach asks you to do, they might see something wrong, want to say something, then think, what's his face never does what I ask him to so I won't bother saying anything to him. Maybe I won't even watch that ugly messed up stroke.