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Tip 082: Better stories

Today I sat in a meeting and Betty Sue Flowers gave a talk. She said our stories create our future. "The data that comes at us is the data we are looking for." She said we attract events in our lives like iron filings to a magnet based on what we think about.
Positive thinkers tend to attract positive events and negative thinkers tend to attract some of the most amazing misfortunes.

A year from now, you will have memories from the previous season. Things that happened because of choices you made.

What choices will you choose?

What stories do you want to tell?

Imagine the story of your swimming season,
where you are the hero.

Where you dreamed a big dream and went for it.

Where you encountered obstacles and worked your way around them.

Where at the end of the season, the things you hoped for, planned for, and worked for actually happened.

What do you need to do to make them happen?

I wrote a song called "Better Stories," the title is short for "better stories to tell."

Each moment in our lives we make a choice of how we are going to spend our time. When the moment is over it becomes a memory. When we share that memory with another person it is a story.

I encourage you to make excellent decisions in training so you will have better stories to tell.

We write our own stories with the choices we make from moment to moment.