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Tip 080: Comparing and despairing

Comparing and despairing is a losers game. Don't compare your times with others and despair that you aren't as fast. You are who you are and where you are.

Only compare yourself with yourself.

Should only the birds with the best voices sing?
Should only the swimmers with the fastest times swim?

The act of setting goals, having dreams, making plans and taking action are what it's about. Show up, train and do the best you can. When you train, you improve your health, fitness and well being, you may live longer, you may feel better and treat others better.

Don't go for
"I'll be happy if ...(i can only accomplish some hard goal)"
"I'll be happy when" (I'm faster than some swimmer)

Be happy now, for no other reason than it feel great to smile, laugh and feel good.

Only one person can be the fastest in any event for any age.

Don't get caught up with comparing and despairing.
Be happy now, work hard to improve if that's what you want.