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Tip 027: What we say out loud

I've trained with hundreds of swimmers over the years. During each practice there's always a little time to talk as we're waiting for the next send off or waiting for the coach to give us the next set.

What I want to address is what are the things we say to our fellow swimmers when we're in the middle of a challenging set.

I try to be a helper, complimenter, and encourager.
Some swimmers choose to be self absorbed whiner complainers.

Watch what you say out loud.

I'd much rather hear positive encouraging statements like:

Great Job
three more
you can do it
go for it
get after it
Terrific time
great swim
Excellent 200

Than stuff like

I hurt
I'm tired
You're killing me
Do we have to do so many?
Do we have to go so far?
Do we have to go so hard?

Positive thoughts and comments enable us to keep going and give that little extra effort to make the most of a tough training set.