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Tip 018: Get a grip

Get a GRIP is about holding water, which is one of the most important swimming skills there is. The better you hold water, the more pressure you apply to each stroke, the further and faster you go. We hold water by sculling. You want to learn how to apply pressure the entire length of each stroke.

When you increase your distance per stroke you decrease the number of strokes you take per length.

Typically most people think of holding water with their fingers hands and arms. Learn how to hold water with your legs. Learn to get more distance per kick. It's essential in breastroke and fly kick.

Practice holding water by sculling, doing count your stroke swims, and easy speed / distance per stroke sprinting.

Beginning swimmers are inefficient, they don't have a clue about how to hold water. They take too many strokes per length. In freestyle they pop their hands in the water and immediately start pulling.

Great swimmers clean off the air bubbles then begin their pull, so there's a slight pause on the front end of their strokes.