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Tip 005: Acting AS IF

Bruce Lee wrote: "Pretense is often an indispensable step in the attainment of genuineness."

If you want to improve, If you want to swim faster than you've ever swum before, try ACTING AS IF when you are training.

Pretend you already are the swimmer you hope to become and act that way every day in training.

Attempt to do the times you need to do,
Attempt to hold the paces you need to hold.


Don't tell anyone about it, just make it your secret plan.

If you do this for a few weeks, people will begin to notice.
They'll ask what's gotten into you?
They'll say you're going to have an awesome season.
You're training really fast.

If you ACT AS IF when you train that is what you'll become.

Give this a try for a month and see how it goes.
If you train with a group
you might be moving into a faster training lane.

If you act as if you're the greatest masters swimmer,
you'll handle fatigue better.

Remember to be inwardly fierce and
outwardly humble.

Just trust if you try this technique
there will be a new fire burning.

Can you handle the heat?

Act as if