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posted Nov 8, 2010, 10:55 PM by Alex Chu
Hi all,
   this is the gateway team and it has recently been brought to my attention that we should ALL agree on one type of file format and encryption in terms of the scanners transfer to the gateway, so I would like to clarify that.
First and foremost, I urge all scanner teams to fill out the task matrix or leave a comment here about which wireless interface they plan on using to connect to the gateway so that we can try to find a module to attach to our board or define some protocols to handle your specific connection (if it is different from the others). From what I've seen in the task matrix and what I've heard so far, Zigbee seems to be the favorite. I'm not sure if there's other ones out there. PLEASE let us know so that we can try to accomodate your connection.
The second item is the format of the file. I know that we, as the gateway team, were suppose to contact Bob Cassidy about the database system and how it all works but it just kept slipping my mind. I believe some other team(s) (software only team?) has already contacted him and is already working with him in some detail. Could someone please give me his email, we can meet with whichever team that's working with him to go over details about the database, or can the team working with the database send one of us an email (mine is with the important information about the database? We will use the information from the database to determine what will be needed in the files of the data that the scanners will send (i.e. name, id, time, date, etc.) and in which order they should appear.
The last and final item is the encryption and format of the file. Can the scanners come to a consensus on which method they want to encrypt it in? I believe that using one method is the best since we don't have to cover multiple algorithms. Ideally we, the gateway team, would want the MD5 encryption because I believe that's the only way we can upload data to the database. As for the file format, I'm not sure which one is best for the scanners (maybe someone has a specific file format that'll save space for the scanners?). We were just thinking that a simple encrypted text file will do but I'm not really sure what the options are either. As long as a consensus is reached for both items, it'd make things simpler for us.
Thank you all for reading this long message.
- Alex Chu