Keiki Cards


What is Keiki Cards?

Keiki Cards is a nonprofit under the laws of Hawaii and the IRS code. We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Keiki Cards' mission is to send out handmade greeting cards to children who have life threatening illnesses. Our goal is give the child support through the mail and to let the child know that someone is thinking of them. Children range in age from infant to eighteen. These cards are sent out every week to approximately 200 children (the number of children can change weekly from the addition of new children to children who have passed) in Hawaii, across the USA, and Canada but Keiki Cards is not limited to sending to these areas. Keiki Cards will also send monthly birthday gifts and holiday gifts. Children are referred to Keiki Cards by friends, family, school teachers, social workers, churches and families also find us on the Internet.

What type of cards do you send to the children?
All cards are handmade by our volunteers with various mediums. All cards are upbeat and cheery to put a smile on our children every week as they receive them. Because we know everyone has various beliefs, no religious cards will be sent. As not to draw attention to the child's health condition, we do not send “get well” cards. Children and parents are able to indicate to Keiki Cards if there is a holiday or season that they wish not to receive and Keiki Cards will substitute an appropriate card for the child.

How is Keiki Cards supported financially and are there administrative costs?
Keiki Cards is generously supported through donations of individuals and businesses. Our talented volunteers donate all cards. There are no paid employees and administrative costs for Keiki Cards are taken care of by a private donor so there for all donations of any kind go straight to the children. All efforts for the children are done by our volunteers and non compensated board members.

How can you Volunteer to help the children of Keiki Cards?
Handmade cards are needed for children, ages, infants to eighteen years of age, for both girls and boys. Please see card making guidelines and Keiki Cards Wish List for items to donate. Gifts for the children like stickers, bookmarks again can be hand made, collector cards, origami etc. Gifts that are flat enough to put in a greeting card. We would use these gifts on special occasions like birthdays or for a special celebration. All cards, postage, and monetary donations can be sent to the address below. Every month a thank you list of the donors will be posted, and tax deduction slips will be snail mailed, if requested.

Card Making Guidelines

1. Volunteers may choose to work with a variety of mediums (examples are rubber stamping, drawing, painting, brass stencils, collage, paper punches, stickers and computer generated) to help produce greeting cards for the children. Envelopes are appreciated but now required.
2. Any handmade envelopes (size approximately - 4 ¼ x 5 ½ inches) would also be greatly appreciated.
3. We do not send any religious-themed cards as our children are from many, many different backgrounds. Please refrain from making “get well” cards as not to draw attention to their health. Keep them light in tone and cheery if you are using rubber-stamped wording. For example: Thinking of you, Happy ........, Hello, Just wanted to say Hi, etc. You can also write child appropriate riddle or jokes inside of the cards. Multiples of the same cards are welcome. But please note that Keiki Cards' volunteers are not required to make any required amounts and we do not require a specified time/hours that we insists that you donate to the children.
5, Please see our Card Mailing Schedule for the timeline of the types of cards that we are mailing to the children if you would like to help with seasonal cards.
6. Please sign the cards with "Much Aloha, from your friends at Keiki Cards" or "Love Keiki Cards." It would be a tremendous help to us if you were to separate the cards as to whether the cards are appropriate for girls or boys and to separate the cards into any holidays or occasion. This will help to save time in sorting the cards when they arrive.
6. Please contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have in assisting Keiki Cards. I am always open to any suggestions that would help you as well.

How can a child receive Keiki Cards?
Keiki Cards is a free program for children between the ages of infant to 18 years old. If you would like your child to receive Keiki Cards on a weekly basis or know of a child, please fill out the Enrollment form (if you are filling out the form on behalf of a child and you are not the parent, please include note of permission for the child to receive cards or pass the info on the parents so they can fill out the enrollment form.

E-mail/mail/fax to the e-mail/address/fax number below. It is for our use only and all information is confidential.

4224 Waialae Ave.

Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

808-542-7106 or 808-732-3472 (EST minus 6 hours) Fax 732-0437