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Versions 1 Jan 2012 - 31 Jan 2012

posted Feb 9, 2012, 12:19 PM by Steve Borgatti   [ updated Feb 9, 2012, 12:19 PM ]





 9 Feb 2012

  •  Fixed bug in Tools|Hypothesis Testing|Dyadic|Relational Crosstabs that was suppressing labels on the crosstabs.


31 Jan 2012 

  •  Fixed bug in Networks|2-Mode|Centrality which was producing all zeros when given a dataset with more columns than rows.


29 Jan 2012 

  •  Changed Tools|Hypothesis Testing|Dyadic|Regression|Double Dekker to save outputs as UCINET datasets


25 Jan 2012 

  • Added respondent accuracy measures to Transform|Aggregate|CSS routine
  • Added valued Jaccard routine to Tools|Similarity routine. The valued Jaccard measure is the sum of min(xi,yi) divided by the sum of max(xi,yi)


22 Jan 2012

  • Changed Data|Export|Excel so that missing values would come out as blank cells in the Excel file
  • Changed Transform|Aggregate|CSS to dichotomize via greater than operator rather than greater than equal to operator. Also added service routine for Scott Soltis to transform CSS data in Excel format from surveygizmo. 
  • Also added new feature to double dekker qap enabling restricting permutations within node classes


 12 Jan 2012

  • Fixed bug in Networks|Extras|Political independence. Was crashing and potentially giving wrong answers when the maximum distance parameter was larger than largest observed distance in the network.