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Camp data

posted Nov 25, 2011, 1:10 PM by Steve Borgatti   [ updated Nov 26, 2011, 11:38 AM ]

Interactions among 18 people participating in a workshop (including 4 instructors). Network data were collected at 2 points in time. There are also some attribute data. 

Network Data

There are 2 datasets available. The main dataset is called CAMP92 and consists of 2 18x18 matrices representing 2 points in time. The data indicate each person's rank ordering of everyone else in terms of how much time they spent with them. A "1" in cell X(i,j) indicates that person i said they spent the most time with person j, and "17" indicates that i says they spent the least time with j.

  • Week2. These are the rank orders collected at the end of week 2 of the 3-week workshop
  • Week3. These are the rank orders collected at the end of week 3
A second dataset is called CAMPNET, and is simply a dichotomized version of the Week 3 data. In CAMPNET, there is a "1" for xij if person i listed person j as one of their top 3 interactors. 

  • Dichotomized version week 3 showing only top 3 choices for each respondent
Attribute Data

The attribute data consist of the gender and role of each actor. Gender was coded 1 for Female and 2 for male. Role referred to whether a person was a workshop participant (coded 1) or and instructor (coded 2). A third variable called Combo is coded 1 for female participants, 2 for male participants, and 3 for instructors (who were all male). 

  • 18x3 matrix with columns Gender, Role and Combo

The Camp data were collected by Steve Borgatti, Russ Bernard and Bert Pelto in 1992 at the NSF Summer Institute for Ethnographic Research Methods. This was a 3-week workshop in which all the participants and instructors were housed at the same motel and spent a great deal of time together. The participants were all faculty in Anthropology except Holly, who was a PhD student. 
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