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 Small Group Presenters

The overarching goal of the UC Information Literacy Forum is to encourage inter-campus collaboration among the University of California instruction librarians.  Keep this goal in mind as you plan your panel presentation or small group session.

Guidelines for All 

  • Be succinct. 
  • Hit the highlights.
  • Emphasize the transferable aspects of your experience. 
  • Share findings, lessons learned, and changes that you made so that others can learn from your experience. 
  • Be open to ideas that lend themselves to collaboration.


There will be four 60 minute sessions, designed for 12-20 participants each, which will address practical topics related to information literacy instruction.  Workshop participants choose which session they will attend in advance.  Forum organizers will try to share the list of workshop attendees with presenters in advance.

Small group sessions are designed address practical topics related to information literacy instruction and programming, particularly designed to appeal to library staff with a range of responsibilities of which instruction is one part. 

Sessions should be designed to be interactive and incorporate active participation by the attendees.

The goal  is to engage library staff involved with aspects of library instruction and information literacy at any level on their campuses in connecting ideas from the keynote to practical applications in their work. 

Three of the four sessions involve presenters from two or more campuses.  Contact your fellow session members in advance to coordinate your session.

Each session will take place in its own room.  Three of the rooms are arranged seminar classroom style, i.e. chairs around a large table.  One session will take place in the main room of the University Club, round tables with 8 chairs each.


Contact Cathy Palmer ( with questions, requests for clarification or to communicate any special equipment or supplies needs in advance.

Copies of handouts can be distributed to all attendees (approximately 60).