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Infusing Information Literacy throughout the UCs: Programmatic Considerations 
and Practical Approaches

Registration and Breakfast


Welcome and Speaker Introduction  
Carol Hughes, AUL for Public Services, UC Irvine

Keynote Presentation 
Jennifer Dorner, Portland State University 


Cross Fertilization of Ideas

            Format: Panel Presentation and Discussion

            Topic: Information Literacy in the Disciplines

            Panel Moderator: Cathy Palmer 

Brian Quigley (B)  

  • Science and Engineering (Mellon Project)  

Aura Lippincott (LA)  

  • Management and Business (online tutorial)   

Patti Caravello (LA)  

  • Sociology and Anthropology (creation and uses of IL standards for    disciplines)  

Jennifer Dorner     Portland State University
Jennifer will not make a formal presentation but will sit on the panel in order to offer the perspective of Information Literacy in the Humanities.

Presenters will have 15 minutes each to summarize key points followed by questions and discussion.  Discussion and questions will be held until all have presented.

    Small Group Sessions

    Four sessions, designed for about 20 participants each, which will address practical topics related to information literacy instruction.  Workshop participants choose which session they will attend in advance.   

    1.  Marketing IL and IL service

    Sheila Cunningham (D) &Bernadette Swanson (D) 

    • Innovations (Posters, Captivate movies) 

    Diane Mizrachi (LA) 

    • Campus TV spots and video

     2. Active Learning Techniques 

    Melissa Brown (D)

    • Interactive Techniques in large lecture courses

    Cathy Palmer (I)

    • Active Learning Techniques for the 50 minute one shot session

    3. Assessment

     Stephanie Brasley (LA)

    • ETS ICT literacy testing

    Sarah McDaniel (B)

    • Performance Assessment

    4. Librarian Roles in Changing Environments  

    Pat Maughan (B) 

    • Extending the Library’s Role in Curriculum and Faculty Development

    12:15-1:30- Lunch 


    Cross-fertilization of Ideas: New Models for Information Literacy Instruction

                Format: Panel Presentations

                Panel Moderator: Sarah McDaniels 


    Kathleen Gallagher (B)

    • Models other than the one-shot    

    Esther Grassian (LA) 

    • GE Clusters-Integrating IL into lower-division course  

    Annette Marines (SC)   

    • Lower-division writing courses  

    Presenters will have 15 minutes each to share successful Best Practices followed by questions and discussion.  Discussion and questions will be held until all have presented.



      Cross-fertilization of Ideas: Next Steps 

      Attendees will have an opportunity to identify Information Literacy projects, models, and/or initiatives that can be pursued at the system-wide level. 

        4:00-4:15  Evaluation