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Jennifer Dorner, MLS
Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian
Assistant Professor



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An Assistant Professor/Librarian at Portland State University, Jennifer L. Dorner is the liaison to nine departments and is a member of the Instruction Team, which works closely with the University's general education program to integrate information literacy into the curriculum. In her previous position as Information Literacy Coordinator at Lewis & Clark College, she consulted on program development and provided workshops to librarians at six private colleges in the Portland area.

Jennifer is an active member of the Association of College and Research Libraries and is currently the Chair of the ACRL Instruction Section. She has been an invited speaker and conference presenter on such topics as active learning, assessment, and tutorial design. She is co-editor of Research Strategies, the journal of information literacy and instruction.

Jennifer has a master's degree in Library Science from the University of Washington and a bachelor's degree in English from Whitman College, Washington. If she ever completes her thesis, she will have a master's degree in History from Ball State University.



M.A.      In Progress  History, Ball State University

M.L.S.     1994   University of Washington

B.A.     1986   English, Whitman College



Reference Librarian and Information Consultant/Assistant Professor, Portland State University, 4/2003-present 

Information Literacy Coordinator, Lewis & Clark College, 1/2001-3/2003 

Instructional Services Librarian, Ball State University, 6/97-12/2000 

Acting Web Manager, Ball State University, 8/98 – 4/99 

Science/Business/Social Science Librarian, Memphis/Shelby County Public Library, 11/95-5/97 

Planned Work Experience Librarian, Memphis/Shelby County Public Library, 7/94-11/95 

Student Reference Assistant, Odegaard Undergraduate Library, University of Washington, 6/93-6/94 

Law Library Technician, Garvey, Schubert & Barer, 2/93-10/93 

Document Clerk, Garvey, Schubert & Barer, 2/92-2/93 

Regional Sales Assistant, Midwest Living magazine, 3/89-11/90 

Production Coordinator, Outdoor Empire Publishing, 3/87-3/89

Refereed Publications or Other Creative Achievements



Dorner, Jennifer and Susan Levondosky.  "Evaluating WWW Information: Instruction Methods

      in the Electronic Classroom."  All that Glitters: Prospecting for Information in the

    Changing Library World. Ed. Sue K. Norman. Greenwich: JAI Press, 1999. 73-88. 



Hodson-Carlton, Kay and Jennifer L. Dorner.  "An Electronic Approach to Evaluating Health

      Care Web Resources." Nurse Educator 24.5 (1999): 21-26 

Dorner, Jennifer L, Susan E. Taylor, and Kay Hodson-Carlton.  "Faculty-Librarian Collaboration

      for Nursing Information Literacy: A Tiered Approach." RSR: Reference Services Review

    29.2 (2001): 132-140.

Non-Refereed Publications or Other Creative Achievements



Dorner, Jennifer.  "Information Literacy Assessment Tool."  Assessing Student Learning

      Outcomes for Information Literacy Instruction in Academic Institutions. Ed. Elizabeth Fueseler Avery. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2003. 103-107. 



Dorner, Jennifer. “A Grant-Funded Information Literacy Initiative at Lewis & Clark College.”

      PNLA Quarterly 65.4 (2001): 6.  

Dorner, Jennifer and Elaine Gass. "The Times They Are A-Changin’: The Information Literacy

      Initiative at Lewis & Clark College." OLA Quarterly 7.2 (2001): 10-11. 

Dorner, Jennifer (and others).  "Computerized Test Development Software: A Comparative

      Review Updated." Computers in Nursing 18.2 (2000): 72-86. 

Oberlander, Cyril, Sherry Buchanan, Jennifer Dorner and Robert Schroeder. “Student Research

    Strategy Survey” in Our Voices: Teaching and Learning at PSU.  Fifth Annual: 2004-2005. Portland, OR: Center for Academic Excellence, Portland State University, 2005. 

Dorner, Jennifer, Sharon Elteto and Robert Schroeder. “Assessing 21st Century Skills: The

    ETS/ICT Testing Initiative” in Our Voices: Teaching and Learning at PSU.  Fifth Annual: 2004-2005. Portland, OR: Center for Academic Excellence, Portland State University, 2005. 

Book Reviews


Dorner, Jennifer. Rev. of Historical Dictionary of the Discovery and Exploration of the

       Northwest Passage by Alan Day. Oregon Historical Quarterly. 107.2 (2006). In press. 

Dorner, Jennifer. Rev. of Teaching Faculty How to Use Technology: Best Practices From

      Leading Institutions ed. by Rhonda M. Epper and A.W. Bates. Journal of Academic

    Librarianship 28.3 (2002): 172.  

Dorner, Jennifer. Rev. of Teaching the Library to Today’s Users ed. by Trudi E. Jacobson and

      Helene C. Williams. Journal of Academic Librarianship 27.2 (2001): 158. 

Dorner, Jennifer. Rev. of ‘LOEX’ of the West: Collaboration and Instructional Design in a

      Virtual Environment ed. By Kari Anderson and Elizabeth Babbitt. Journal of Academic

      Librarianship 25.6 (1999): 491. 



Dorner, Jennifer and Heidi Senior, eds. Oregon Authors. Salem, OR: Oregon Library

      Association, 2002.  

Hinchliffe, Lisa Janicke and Jennifer Dorner. “Seeking to Publish? Prepare for Success!” How to

      Get Published in LIS Journals: A Practical Guide. Eds. Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe and

    Jennifer Dorner. San Diego, CA: Elsevier, 2003.

Presentations at Professional Meetings


Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, Minneapolis, MN, 2005. Moderator. 

Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, Minneapolis, MN, 2005. Elsevier Library Connect Editors’ Session. “How to Get Published in LIS Journals.” Presenter. 

International Federation of Library Associations Annual Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2004. “Skills and Techniques for Information Literacy Instruction: A Workshop.” Presenter. 

American Library Association Midwinter Conference, San Diego, CA, 2004. ACRL Instruction Section Midwinter Discussion Forum: “The 21st Century Instruction Section: Shaping the Future of IS.” Moderator.  

Purdue University Learner EnAbled Digital Environment Resources (LEADER) Grant Program, West Lafayette, 2003. “Partnering for Information Literacy” 2-day workshop. Presenter. 

Oregon Library Association Annual Conference, Corvallis, 2003. Preconference. “It’s No Go Without the Show: Maximizing Learning Through Better Teaching,” Presenter. 

Murdock Technology Initiative Conference, Portland, 2002. “TILT and Information Literacy.” Presenter.

Online Northwest, Eugene, 2002. “Adapting TILT: Implementing the Texas Information Literacy Tutorial at Lewis & Clark College.” Presenter.

Illinois State University, Normal, 2001. Professional Development Workshop.“Active Learning in the Electronic Classroom.” Presenter.

American Library Association Midwinter Conference, Washington, DC, 2001. ACRL Instruction Section Midwinter Discussion Forum:“Information Literacy in Library Instruction Programs.” Presenter.

American Library Association Annual Conference, Chicago, 2000. Poster session. “Information Literacy for Enhancing Advanced Nursing Practice: A Faculty-Librarian Collaboration.” Presenter.

Internet Librarian International Conference, London, 2000. Panel Presentation. “Training Roundtable.” Presenter.

Other Research and Creative Achievements


Editor, Research Strategies, 2006-present.

Co-editor, Research Strategies, 2003-2006.

Editor, Public Services Quarterly, 2001-2003

Other Teaching, Mentoring and Curricular Achievements


Instructor, Masters of Teaching Program, City University, 2002-2003.

Trainer, Washington State Library Information Literacy Project, 2001. 
Curriculum Consultant, Washington State Library Information Literacy Project, 2001.

Professionally-Related Service


Chair, ACRL Instruction Section, 2006-2007.

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, ACRL Instruction Section, 2005-2006.

Chair, LOEX of the West 2006 Program Selection Committee, 2004-2006.

Member, ACRL Institute for Information Literacy Executive Committee, 2003-2005.

Chair, ACRL Instruction Section, IS of the Future Task Force, 2003-2004.

Chair, ACRL Instruction Section, Publication Manual Task Force, 2002-2003. 
Chair, ACRL Instruction Section, Communication Committee, 2001-2002. 
Secretary ACRL Instruction Section Executive Committee, 2000-2001.

Member, ACRL National Conference, Roundtables Planning Committee 1999-2001 
Chair, ACRL Instruction Section, Planning Committee, 1999-2000.

Intern, ACRL Professional Development Committee, 1999-2000 
Member, ACRL Instruction Section, Planning Committee, 1997-2000. 
Member, ACRL University Libraries Section, Current Topics Planning Committee, 1998-2002. 
Member, ALA President’s Committee. Community Partnerships for Information Literacy, 2000-2001. 
Member, OLA Oregon Authors Committee, 2002-2006.

Memberships in Professional Societies


American Library Association, 1992-present. 
Association of College and Research Libraries, 1997-present. 
Oregon Library Association, 2001-present. 
Western History Association, 2001-present. 
American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, 2001-present.

Oregon Historical Association, 2003-present.

Reference and User Services Association 2003-present.

Society of American Archivists, 2006-present. 
Indiana Library Federation, 1997-2000. 
Public Library Association, 1992-1997.