Friday, March 15, 2013
Humanities Gateway 1030
University of California, Irvine

9:00 am
Breakfast and Check-in

9:30 am
Welcome remarks (Prof. Jane O. Newman)

9:45 am
The Body at Work
• Vanessa Carlisle (University of Southern California) - "Stripper Memory: Emblematic Narratives and Sexualized Bodies in Capitalist Space"
• Meg Sparling (University of California, Davis) - "The ‘Peon’ in the Steel Mill: Environment and Black Labor Experience in William Attaway’s Blood on the Forge"
• Alexei Nowak (University of California, Los Angeles) - "Witches and Slaves: Bio- and Necropolitics in Octavia Butler’s Wild Seed"
Respondent: Prof. Jeanne Scheper

11 am
Reproductive Labor
• Namita Kohli (University of Texas, Austin) - "Going into labor: A case of (un)making mothers in India's transnational baby factories"
• Amanda Armstrong (University of California, Berkeley) - "An Archive of Refusal: Contestations of Reproductive Labor Regimes at the Close of the Fordist Era"
• Robert Wood (University of California, Irvine) - "Apparatuses of Capture: Producing a New Regime of Accumulation Through a New Community of Men"
• Ather Zia (University of California, Irvine) - "The Good Half Widow: Women in search of the disappeared men in Kashmir"
Respondent: Prof. Annette Schlichter

12:30 pm
Lunch break

1:30 pm
Organizing and Resistance
• Prof. Emma Heaney (New York University), Carla Osorio Veliz (East LA Women's Center), Erin Conley (University of California, Los Angeles) - "The Hostility of Women as a Group: Autonomous Feminist Responses to Sexual Assault in Radical Milieus"
• Carolyn Lee (University of California, Los Angeles) - "Preserving Counter Narratives: Records of the Gadar Party's role in the Indian Independence Movement"
• Luzilda Carrillo (University of California, Irvine) - "Occupying Emergencies: Occupy Oakland and the Politics of Revealing Violence"
• Sina Salessi (independent scholar) - "Digitizing Education and the Deskilling of Labor"
Respondent: Prof. Rei Terada

3:15 pm
Displaced Bodies
• Adam Hefty (University of California, Santa Cruz) - "Towards an Immanent Critique of the Theory of Immaterial Labor: Subjective Labor and Alienation as Dissociation"
• Mia Lilly (University of California, Berkeley) - "The Production of Space and the Laboring Indigenous Body in Lucio V Mansilla's Una excursión a los indios ranqueles"
• Bret Noble (Washington State University) - "The Networked Migrant Body: Alienation, Connection and Resistance in Alex Rivera's Sleep Dealer"
• Marcel LaFlamme (Rice University) - "The Body of the Unmanned Pilot"
Respondent: Prof. Eyal Amiran

5:00 pm
Prof. Nathan Brown (University of California, Davis) - "The Proletariat"
Introduced by Prof. Adriana Campos Johnson