Mobile Sensing and Interaction
CMSC230-01/CMSC330-01 Winter Quarter
Instructor: Andrew A. Chien
Teaching Assistant: Christopher Bun

Mobile technologies are changing the experience of what it means to live in the 21st Century. Critical drivers have been universal access to data and communications, but recently the new technologies have increased the sensing and awareness capabilities of mobile devices, triggering a radical transformation of the modalities of interaction and applications that are possible. These new modalities in turn create new opportunities for further advances in sensing and awareness.

We will explore selected elements of the core and emerging technologies underlying mobile sensing and interaction. This quarter, focus areas may include expanded visual experience with computational photography, video and interactive augmented reality, and synchronicity and proximity-­‐detection to enable shared social experiences. Students will engage in a series of labs which expose them to elements of the software and hardware capabilities of mobile computing systems, and develop the capability to envision radical new applications. Students will engage in extensive experiments and a large-­‐scale project based on these new emerging capabilities. Where possible, project teams will be paired with experts in ethnography, visual arts, and other experts whose advice will help shape their compelling projects.

University of Chicago -- Department of Computer Science -- 2012