CS23001/CS33001 W12

Mobile Sensing and Interaction
CMSC230-01/CMSC330-01 Winter Quarter
Instructor: Andrew A. Chien
Teaching Assistant: Christopher Bun

Course Description (see below)

Key Objectives for Projects: 
- push the capabilities of the platform, networking, and multi-device mobile applications
- creatively combine the elements of sensing, processing, storage, cloud in a novel fashion
- connect to a key creative domain outside computer science (visual arts, economics, gaming, social science, environmental science, commerce, etc.)
- be realistically completable within a single quarter 

Key Objectives for 3-week "Accelerated Launch" (in rough order of priority)
- create awareness and capability in Android environment
- create understanding of underlying platform capabilities (sensors, compute, networking, cloud leverage) and futures
- educate on the existing space of sensing/perception applications and create imaginative view of possibilities (3 actual, 5-10 most interesting apps)
- identify external team partners who could help shape imaginative projects
- identify teams which have 1+ experienced members

Key needs for Lab infrastructure to support course
- host computer hardware and physical lab setup (keys, lockers, etc.)
- bootstrap software configuration (install android dev, load an existing program, version the Android software on device, etc)
- bootstrap Android trivial application building exercise (exercise some basic interface functions, add capabilities from several key io sensor libraries, create an interaction via camera / sound / touch interface)
- platform characterization exercise (for each of the key sensors and some higher level software, networks, camera, etc.  characterize resolution, speed, latency, etc.)

- google app engine access and setup exercise?  do we want to host some services?

Andrew A. Chien,
Oct 28, 2011, 7:03 AM