Andrew A. Chien

- William Eckhardt Distinguished Service Professor in Computer Science
- Director, CERES Center for Unstoppable Computing 
- Senior Fellow, Computation Institute

- Senior Computer Scientist in Mathematics and Computer Science

Contact Information 
  Email:  achien "at" cs uchicago edu   Office: Ryerson 257C
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Andrew also supports Dot Diva and the CRA (Computing Research Association) where he has served on various boards.  Andrew is the co-editor of the contributed papers editorial board of the Communications of the ACM, and an Associate Editor for ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing, and the International Journal of Grid Computing.  He is on the steering committee of the HPDC Conference.  He has served on Advisory Boards of numerous Universities (Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Washington, Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne, University of Virginia), Government Agencies (National Science Foundation, Department of Energy), and numerous companies (Intel, Samsung, Huawei). 

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Andrew gratefully acknowledges support from the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Office of Naval Research, as well as Intel, AT&T, Motorola, Qualcomm, Alcatel, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, Big Bangwidth, Microsoft, Nvidia. Agilent, Keysight, and Samsung.

Historic Home Page (Andrew's old CSAG site)

The LSSG is part of the Systems Group and the CERES Center in the University of Chicago's Department of Computer Science, and also affiliated with Chicago's Computation Institute, and Argonne National Laboratory's  Mathematics and Computer Science Division.

Recent and Upcoming Engagements

1/22-23/2015 Wen-mei Hwu Distinguished Lecturer Visit (host)

2/9-11 PPoPP 2015 (San Francisco, CA)

2/27-28 Approximate Computing Workshop (Houston, TX)

3/2-3 CompGen Industry Meeting (Chicago)

3/12-13/2015 HPDC Program Committee (San Jose)

3/14-18/2015 ASPLOS 2015 (Istanbul, Turkey)

3/14-18/2015 SIAM/CSE'15 (Salt Lake City)

3/16-27/2015 Spring Break (OOO)

4/15/2015 Computation Institute Speaker Series Lecture (w/ Beckman)

4/27 Greater Chicago Area Systems Research Workshop (GCASR) (Chicago)

4/27-30 Salishan Conference (Glen Eden, OR)

5/4-7 CCGrid 2015 (Shenzhen, China)

5/7-8 ANCS (Oakland, CA)

5/18-22, 5/25-29 (hold)

5/20-22 GLS VLSI Symposium (Pittsburgh, PA)

6/11 Block

6/13-17 ISCA (Portland), 6/15-19 HPDC (Portland)

6/22-23 TPC for SC 2015 (Austin, TX)

6/29-7/1 JLESC Workshop (Barcelona, Spain)

6/27-7/6 US Fencing Nationals (San Jose, CA)

Historical 2014

1/6-7/2014 PSAAP2 (Champaign-Urbana)

1/13  Visit HP Labs (Palo Alto)

1/14-15/2014 DARPA PERFECT PI Meeting (Berkeley)

2/12 DOE Review (Rockville, MD)

2/25-26 10x10 All-Hands Meeting (San Diego)

3/10-11 ORNL

3/11 Mobile Computing Class Demonstrations!

3/17-28 Spring Break (around intermittently)

4/9 ASCR Runtime Summit (Washington, DC)

4/23-25 NSF Nanohub Review (Indiana)

5/14-15 DOE, DARPA Project Reviews (Washington, DC)

5/19 Greater Chicago-area Systems Research Workshop (Chicago)

5/28-29 DOE X-stack PI Meeting (MIT)

6/15 Architectures and Systems for Big Data Workshop (ASBD @ ISCA), (Minneapolis)

6/15 SC Architecture PC Meeting (Minneapolis)

6/16-18 ISCA 2014 (Minneapolis)

6/24-25 DARPA PERFECT PI Meeting (Arlington, VA)

6/30-7/3 VECPAR (Eugene, OR)

7/8-7/14 OOO

7/22 Visit UChicago-Marine Biological Laboratory

7/24-25 10x10 All-Hands Meeting (Chicago)

9/9-11 High Performance Extreme Computing (HPEC) (Boston)

9/28-10/1 Dagstuhl Resilience (Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany)

10/9 Yanjing Li Visit (host)

10/30-31 Fred Chong Visit (host)

11/7 ASPLOS 2015 Program Committee (Chicago)

11/16-21 Supercomputing (New Orleans, LA)

11/24-26 Joint Lab for Extreme Scale Computing Workshop (INRIA, UIUC, Argonne, BSC, Julich, RIKEN/AICS)

Historical 2013

1/7-9  DARPA PERFECT PI Meeting (Washington, DC)

1/31-2/1 DOE ASCR Resilience Council (Germantown, MD)

2/4-6 10x10 Kickoff Meeting (San Diego)

3/5-6 DARPA ISAT Resilient Frameworks (San Francisco, CA)

3/13  HPDC Program Committee (New Brunswick, NJ)

3/18-20 ASPLOS (Houston, TX)

3/20-22 DOE ASCR X-stack PI Meeting (Berkeley, CA)

4/7-10 HPC Conference (San Diego, CA)

4/21-23 ISPASS (Austin, TX)

5/3 Greater Chicago Area Systems Workshop (GCASR) (Evanston, IL)

5/14-15 Argonne 30 Years of Computing Celebration (Argonne, IL)

5/15 UChicago-ANL-Sandia x-Layer Resilience (Hyde Park, IL)

6/16-20 Intl Supercomputing Conference '13 (Leipzig)

6/18 FTXS (NYC)

6/19-21 HPDC (NYC)

6/24-25 SC Program Committee (Denver, CO)

6/24-27 ISCA + Workshops (Tel Aviv, Israel)

7/17-18 DARPA PERFECT PI Meeting (Washington, DC)

8/6-7 10x10 All-Hands Meeting (Urbana, IL)

8/9 Global View Resilience Retreat (tbd)

8/27-9/5  Vacation

10/9-11 Extreme Scale Research Meeting (Washington, DC)

11/17-22 Supercomputing '13 (Denver, CO)

11/18 Opportunities in HPC for Undergrad CS Majors (invited talk @ SC)

11/30-12/3 RIKEN AICS Symposium (Kobe, Japan)

12/4-5 University of Tokyo (Japan)

12/11-13 IEEE Rebooting Computing Summit (Washington, DC)

12/23-27 Unavailable

Historical 2012

2/9/2012 Distinguished Lecture, University of Illinois (Urbana, Illinois)

2/27-28/2012  ACM Principles Practice of Parallel Programming (New Orleans)

3/12/2012  Distinguished Lecture, Atlas Institute, University of Colorado

3/15-16/2012  HPDC Program Committee (Amsterdam)

4/16-4/4/20 DOE Exascale Research Meeting and Exascale Planning Meeting (Portland)

4/21/2012 Memory Systems Performance and Correctness Program Committee Meeting (Pittsburgh)

5/9 Distinguished Lecture, Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois)

5/22 Chicago Systems Research Workshop - UChicago, Northwestern, UIC, IIT (Chicago Gleacher Center)

5/24-25 Visit Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab, Sandia Livermore

5/27-29 Invited Lecture, Akinori Yonezawa - A Celebration of Research (Kobe, Japan)

5/30-6/1 Invited Lecture, University of Tokyo

6/6/2012 Resilience Workshop

6/20-22/2012 IEEE HPDC Conference (Delft, the Netherlands)

6/25/2012 Fault-tolerance for HPC at Extreme Scale (at DSN '12)

6/25-26/2012  Supercomputing SC12 Program Committee (Salt Lake City, Utah)

7/2-7/6 Unavailable

7/11/2012  Keynote, Symposium on Application Accelerators in High-Performance Computing (Argonne, Illinois)

8/4-8/11/2012 ICiS Workshop on Addressing Failures in Exascale Computing (Park City, Utah)

8/21/2012 GVR Kickoff Meeting

8/27-8/31 Unavailable

9/18-9/19 DOE X-stack Kickoff Meeting, Portland, OR 

9/20 Intel Labs, Hillsboro, OR

9/25 Aparna Chandramowlishwaran

10/1-10/3/2012 DOE Exascale Research Meeting, Washington, DC 

10/5 Kunal Agrawal, Washington University

10/9 Ignacio Laguna

10/11 Visit Purdue University, Invited lecture

10/22 Sandhya Dwarkadas, Rochester University

10/24 Visit University of Illinois

10/25 Host Partha Ranganathan, HP Fellow, Distinguished Lecture

10/29/2012 Host Carlos Guestrin visit @ UChicago

11/12-14/2012 Supercomputing SC12 Conference (Salt Lake City, Utah)

11/19-21 INRIA-UIUC-ANL Joint Institute Workshop (Chicago)

12/4 Trevor Mudge (U Michigan) Visit

12/10 Host Kath Knobe Visit

12/10-12 NSF Workshop on Abstractions for HPC Simulations on Future Architectures (Chicago)

Historical 2011

6/1-2/2011 International Conference on Computational Science (Keynote, in Singagore) 

7/16-23 iCIS myAnton Workshop on Specialized Processors (Park City, Utah)

8/8-10 DOE Architecture II Workshop: Exascale and Beyond - Configuring, Reasoning, Scaling (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

9/12-13  Visit Bay Area (multiple sites)

10/13-14 U Chicago PSD Visiting Committee

10/17-21 Big Ideas in Computer Science Series

11/7-8 NSF Review Panel (DC)

11/12-18 Supercomputing Conference (Seattle, Washington)

12/4-6 Partha Niyogi Memorial Conference (U Chicago Computation Institute)