Welcome to the intranet site for U of Chicago's Anthropology Media Lab.  You can use the documents library and the resources section to help plan and organize your media project. Run Q&A sessions with the technical instructor (Matt Harris) and organize crews for film shoots by utilizing the discussions page. If you have something to say to the entire class you can simply post it on the announcements page. You can keep track of reservations for lab time and A/V equipment with the calendar page.


Organize and store important documents for your media project.


Keep track of your reservations for equipment and lab time with the calendar page.


This is a list of people who have gone through the appropriate basic training on the available a/v equipment and qualify for access to Media Lab resources.


Poll your classmates for help on a film shoot or post questions for technical support on the discussion page.


Post messages to all subscribers here with the announcements page.


Manuals, Media Lab Policies, Equipment Orientation and A/V Tips are housed here .