General Information for Clinic

Getting Involved:

Q) How can I get involved with UCHC medical clinic?
A) You should check the application information page to learn when we are accepting applications. Before the start of a new term, you should fill out an application and send it to uchcundergrad@gmail.com.

Q) Must I be a Penn student to participate at the medical clinic?

A) Yes

Q) What is the time commitment?

A) The medical clinic runs from 5:00 pm to approximately 7:30 pm, but sometimes later, on Wednesday nights. All volunteers are expected to arrive at clinic on time and stay for the full duration of their shift.

Q) How long does each volunteering term last?

A) The calendar year is divided into three sessions - Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each cohort is selected to volunteer at UCHC for two consecutive sessions. Depending on the year, a cohort may volunteer at UCHC for fall & spring, spring & summer, or summer & fall.

The Role:

Q) What duties are expected from an undergraduate volunteer?

A) Volunteers will take blood pressure and blood glucose readings at the clinic (training will be provided beforehand).  Volunteers may also have the opportunity to shadow. 

Q) Will I get to spend a lot of time interacting with patients?

A) Volunteers are expected to interact with patients while at the clinic.

Q) What should I wear?

A) Volunteers should wear business casual attire. Volunteers may not show up to clinic wearing jeans, shorts, sneakers, sweatshirts, immodest apparel, etc.

Q) Who should I tell if I can't make a shift?

A) In the event of an emergency, volunteers must coordinate with each other to cover that night's shift. Volunteers also need to contact the coordinators through phone or email. 

Q) What if I can't make the training session?

A) Volunteers must attend the training session to participate at clinic.