Dean Wu Tang Clan

Alex Kwok
Aria Ghafari
Mark Boskovich
Jeffrey Bauman
James Parinello
Josh Martin

Shark Tank

  1. James Van: 5' 9"
    • Strengths: Hustle, good on-ball defender, great intensity
    • Weaknesses: Conditioning, size, tends to settle for outside shots
  2. Saron Tesfai: 5' 8 3/4"
    • Strengths: Active with steals
    • Weaknesses: Conditioning
  3. Max Vallejo: 6' 5"
    • Strengths: Good low-post presence, can step outside the paint and hit mid-range shots
    • Weaknesses: Stamina
  4. Ronnie Garcia (non-Hastings): 5' 11"
    • Strengths: Can effectively defender bigger players
    • Weaknesses: dribbling
  5. Ben Yune (alum): 6' 0"
    • Strengths: Good offensive awareness, great at setting picks, good low-post presence
    • Weaknesses: Jumping
  6. Joel Espino: 5' 10"
    • Strengths: Great mid-range shooter, Good pick-and-roll offense, quick first step, great intensity, likes to get teammates involved
    • Weaknesses: Tendency to force passes, Tendency to pass up easy shots, inconsistent 3-point shooting
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Section 2 Gunners

Section 2 Gunners





Rob Sullivan


Quick and athletic guard


Kevin Morrissey


Speedy, mobile forward

Injured and out of the game for a bit

Cody Mizuno



No stamina

Vikas Srinath




Daniel Zarchy


Big body in the paint

Free Throws

Peter Choi


Defensive stopper


Drew Lewis




Emanuel Ben Levi Townsend




Pro Boners

Eric Reichenbacher
Daniel Trowbridge
Kyle Bonacum
Bobby Rasmussen
Joshua Hamilton
Bryan Roth
James Kim

Section 4

1. Sean Mahsoul 
2. Matt Lee 
3. Marco Janoski 
4. Justin Schultz
5. John O' Niell
6. Austin Raines
7. Scottie Haidt
8. Andrew Boznat
9. Saman Shooshani
10. Kyle Gertridge


Player NamePositionHeightClassScouting
Josiah Houck Guard 5'7"? 1L Patient with the ball and makes the right passes. Efficient use of screens and punishes defense with pass or shot. Makes difficult passes look easy. Lights out shooter. Excellent on the ball defender. An all-around elite player. 
Robert Cashen Forward 6'0" 1L Good movement and runs the floor with the best. Looks to push the tempo. Good finisher. Good shooting range and hits J. Team player. 
Brett Corbett Center 6'6" 1L Very effective on both ends. Makes the game look simple and good passing and ball handling for size. Can finish with contact. Runs the court. Abuses strong defense with the spin move. Team player. One of the best. Signature Move: Dunking on you. 
Aaron Jaques  6'9" 1L Biggest player in Hastings History. A menacing presence down in the post. Unselfish player but could probably dominate any given team. Strong low-post game and difficult to stop when he has position. 
Alem Sendaba  6'2"? 1L Can pass, shoot or drive. Has a good mix of strength and quickness. Attacks the rim with purpose. Very reliable shooting skills. Floor general, calls screens and slows play down when necessary. Team player. 
David Monsour  6'1"? 1L Crashes boards and does the dirty work like grabbing boards and boxing out man. Reliable shooting. Plays within his game, doesn't make mistakes. Team player. 
Neema Geese   1L Runs the floor. Shooters mentality with nice touch. Crafty offensive game and can score from a variety of positions. Looks to push the tempo. Makes the three, high release point and good height. Active crashing the boards, must box out. Team player. NBA comparison: Ginobli 
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Ballz Deep

1.Robert Graham
2.Greg Galluci
3. Zane Bryant
4. Ryan Harrison
5. Michael Espinoza
6. John Fitzpatrick

Free Agents

Player NamePositionHeightClassE-mailScouting Report
Joshua Park Guard    Shooting guard. Good court awareness and movement in the passing lanes. Good activity level. A bit rusty. Interested in playing on a team. 
Eli Cohen Guard 5'8'' 2L  Play regularly. Quick, good defense, hustle, TOTAL package 
Arsen S Center  2L  Very Good. 
Mehriar Sharifi Guard  3L  Shooting Guard. Rebounds Well. 
Daniel Aquino Guard 6'0" 3L  Can play point.  
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