2014-15 Executive Board

Kim Crawford 2L
San Francisco State University

Interesting Fact: 
I have a pet rabbit named George that thinks he is a dog and loves to take walks.
To foster a supportive and inclusive diverse community at UC Hastings, as well as ensure Asian Americans have a pipeline into law school and continued representation within the legal profession.

Vice President 
Alice Kwak
UC Irvine
Interesting Fact: You can win your way to my heart with cakes, cupcakes, and all things carbs.
Why APALSA? APALSA has provided me with mentorship, support, and a sense of community.

Evelina Chang
UC Davis
Interesting Fact: Because I went to junior high in Taiwan, I technically never graduated from junior high (Don’t tell anyone!).
Why APALSA? APALSA is a great way to build connections and friends – whether its professional networking or just plain old having fun. :)

Spencer Lau
UC Berkeley
Interesting Fact:Deathly afraid of cockroaches
Why APALSA? APALSA, like many other ethnic and social groups on campus, provides an environment where people of similar cultures and backgrounds can come together to share their experiences and support each other through the trials of law school. I've met a number of new friends through APALSA and am excited to meet many more in the coming year!

External Political Chair
Queeny V. Chow
UC Berkeley
Interesting Fact: I was born in Houston, Texas, but my first language is Cantonese.
Why APALSA? Great people, great events and great opportunities to network. Please feel free to come chat with any one of our members (or for that matter, anyone in law school). We are here to help make law school a much more collaborative experience.

Internal Political Chair  
Jon Tong
Why APALSA? Fantastic group of people who are fun & super supportive 

Professional Development Chair
David Roth
Pitzer College
Interesting Fact: I have performed in every major concert hall in Los Angeles
Why APALSA? Because I enjoy the 
community and the sort of work APALSA engages in.  

Academic Chair
Displaying IMG_3407.JPGTraci Aoki
Interesting Fact: I have never lost a bread eating contest. 
Why APALSA? APALSA provides its members with great resources and mentorship.  The relationships I formed and the support I received through APALSA definitely made my 1L year a lot easier. 

Social Chair
An Dang
UC San Diego
Interesting Fact: Fitness keeps me sane! I box, swim, lift, run, bike, and will work out with anyone any day!
Why APALSA? I joined APALSA with the goal of supporting the Asian American student population at UC Hastings in order to build and promote a diverse legal community.

Publicity Chair
Dorothy Young
UC San Diego
Interesting Fact: My holy trinity is Britney, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj. If you ask me to choose between them I might literally explode from the pressure. 
Why APALSA? APALSA because outlines and rad folks committed to all kinds of causes. 

Kevin Weng
UC Irvine
Interesting Fact: When I was 8 years old, my mom gave me some money for the school book fair and told me to bring homes some books. I  came home with a Porsche 911 Poster for my bedroom and no books. Needless to say, mom was not happy. 
Why APALSA? This org was a great way for me to meet wonderful people and friends my 1L year. My 2L mentors from APALSA helped me tremendously and I would like to carry on that tradition. 

Faculty Advisor
Professor Carol Izumi

1L Representatives

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