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The modules and materials found here build on concepts from courses and introduce you to information that will help you conduct a service-learning project that engages persons with disabilities.

After completing these modules, it is recommended that participants conduct 15 hours of engagement with children, youth or adults with disabilities depending on instructor criteria. 

At the conclusion, you will summarize your experience in a narrated PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates your knowledge and observations. Instructions for creating and sharing your presentation are also included on this site.

Module 1: Project Overview

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In this module, you will view brief presentations explaining the main themes of this project:  service-learning, disability, and reflection. Watch the introduction video for a brief overview.

Next, view the What is Service-Learning? presentation by Dr. Trae Stewart to learn more about service-learning and to better understand the difference between volunteering and real service-learning!
Then, view the Understanding Differences presentation by Dr. Rebecca Hines to consider your own perceptions of disability.
}Finally, view The Importance of Reflection in Service-Learning by Shawn Eigenbrode to better understand the important role of reflection.  Note: You will be adding reflective statements to your narrated PowerPoint presentation later this semester, so use the information provided to help shape your thoughts!

Submit evidence of your work as instructed by your professor.

Module 2: Getting Started

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To begin your project, view the complete Getting Started presentation by Dr. Rebecca Hines.
Next, you may want to  print this 5-Step “Getting Started” Guide to help you begin your service-learning project.
Finally,  Download and carefully review the PowerPoint Template.
Download the attached file. Follow the template to create your own narrated PowerPoint presentation. Instructions and required content are provided!

Note:  Do NOT disclose a child's name in your presentation or other specific identifying information. Photos should be taken from angles that do not identify a child unless you have verified written parental permission.

Some service opportunities are listed on the home page if you are looking for a project.  Otherwise, check in your own community.

Module 3: Submitting Your Work

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You will upload your final narrated PowerPoint presentation to a slide hosting service – either or – and create a specific URL for viewing the uploaded file.
View specific step-by-step instructions for creating your presentation by clicking these instructions:
 After you’ve uploaded your presentation to either or, a link (URL) will be created to your presentation.  Copy that link, and submit it to your course instructor as instructed in your syllabus. 
TAKE THE POST-SURVEY to complete your participation in Teachers in Action. Be sure to answer to all questions on the Post-Survey, to receive credit.
Thank you for your service with persons with disabilities and for making a difference in your community!

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