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This public site was created as a way to share the "Teachers in Action" project, created at the University of Central Florida, with any faculty who may wish to add a service-learning component involving persons with disabilities to traditional coursework.  Our modules provide a step-by-step structure and have been used at UCF with thousands of students over the past three years.  We welcome faculty to use these materials in whatever way you see fit to meet your academic needs.

Previously, "Teachers in Action" was embedded into select courses at UCF, with modules & materials available only via a Blackboard mini-course.  Now, all necessary student resources can be accessed via the menu above.  Additionally, faculty are encouraged to incorporate the following two tools (see attached PDFs at bottom).  Use this site and tools below in any way that best serves the purpose of your course. 
  • Reflection Questions - 15 sets of reflection questions that faculty can use to facilitate service-learning & disability awareness
  • Project Plan of Action - an assignment/questionnaire that faculty can use to gauge student planning
To link to this "Teachers in Action" site, use the logo that appears above the main menu. If you need help incorporating all or part of this project into an existing course, just e-mail Dr. Rebecca Hines, PI, at rebecca.hines@ucf.edu to schedule a time to meet online and set up your course.
Thank you for joining us as Teachers in Action!

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