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Our goal is to live up to the classic tagline "Better Living Through Chemistry",  which we achieve through computational enzyme engineering.  Enzymes are the primary means by which biology performs chemical transformations.  Naturally evolved enzymes have been optimized over long periods of time to address challenges biological systems face in nature.  However, modern society faces additional challenges in food, energy, and health.  To address these challenges, novel catalysts are needed.  The Siegel lab focuses on the use of computational, genetic, and chemical methods to design, build, and test enzyme catalysts tailored for today’s challenges.

The Siegel Lab has three primary objectives:

1.  Engineer novel biological tools to address challenges faced in the production of renewable fuels and chemicals, next generation therapeutics, waste remediation, and food processing.   

2.  Develop novel approaches to further understand how enzymes are able to achieve unprecedented levels of catalytic proficiency.

3.   Transform education (graduate, undergraduate, K-12, and the general public) through the use of modern technology and innovative teaching methods.