Sigue Adelante Promoter Curriculum Evaluation

Sigue Adelante (Moving Forward) is a safe‐space project that Casey Weimer and a colleague started during the summer of 2008 to help a rural community begin to combat the disparities indigenous, adolescent females face. The local health promoter explained that young women in her community suffer from low self‐esteem and poor hygiene, partially as a result of the stigma associated with growing up in a rural, impoverished area. These factors also contribute to the average age at first pregnancy in the village being between 14 and 15 years old. Additionally, girls in the community have limited access to education, especially when compared to their brothers. After spending time in the
community, they decided to create a program that offers access to information about nutrition, hygiene, family planning, and sexual health, while developing a space in which the girls feel safe and comfortable sharing this information.

During the summer of 2009, Casey and Sarah traveled to Guatemala to evaluate the outcomes of the program.


Dr. Eva Aagard
Dr. Rita Lee