Prospective evaluation of the objective health benefits of the ProPeru clean burning stoves project in the communities

Indoor air pollution (IAP) from smoke emitted by solid fuel combustion poses a serious health risk, especially in households in developing countries. Many projects have attempted to replace the traditional open fire with clean-burning stoves. Despite general acceptance and usage of the new stoves, only one study—the RESPIRE project in Guatemala—has objectively and longitudinally evaluated the efficacy of them. Similar, high quality studies are needed in other parts of the world, where different stoves are implemented. The purpose of this study is to prospectively evaluate the objective health benefits of the clean-burning stoves installed by ProPeru in the communities in the Urubamba area of Peru. This study will follow a similar format as the RESPIRE study, utilizing a brief questionnaire, spirometry, and CO meters to measure lung function and IAP exposure. The same parameters will be measured over several years, both before and after receiving the clean-burning stoves.

Contact: Brent Fowler, MS 2 -

Mentor: Cal Wilson, MD