Organic Health Response – Global Micro-Clinic Project Initiative of HIV/AIDS

As part of the Micro-Clinic Curriculum design for the Organic Health Response – Global Micro-Clinic Project Initiative for HIV/AIDS, Marco Salmen coordinated with existing and developing actors of Suba District to investigate and implement a program of improving personal health records, treatment organization, and patient empowerment. There were several important aims:

-To understand the problems associated with personal health records in developing nations.
-To develop a sustainable method of personal health records that is effective for Suba District residents in the short term and adaptive to electronic records in the long term.
-To develop a method of personal treatment organization that allows patients to better understand their illnesses, their medications, and their plans for getting healthy.  
-To improve personal health agency and empowerment.
-To improve the continuity-of-care for Suba District patients and improve doctor-patient health organization.  
-To research the effectiveness of a personal treatment organizer program in improving patient care and outcome, and investigate its possible utility for other regions of the world.

Mentor: Dr. Thomas Campbell