Health Care Access and Utilization Survey of Latino Patients in Metro Denver

The Clinica Tepeyac MSA project is a work in progress. In 2008, Erich Wolff, Dustin Clelen, and Laura Brown, then 2nd year medical students at the University of Colorado, worked to create the current project. They designed a survey to answer some critical questions related to health care and the Latino population. These surveys address several areas of interest. First, what are the barriers to health care for the Latino population in the Denver? Secondly, how do patients feel about the care they receive at Clinica Tepeyac? Lastly, how can Clinica Tepeyac improve its patient care and reach out to more Latino patients who aren’t currently accessing care?  

Now that the surveys have been created, translated, and approved for distribution, the next phase of this project involves data collection. Our main goal is to conduct the surveys and to compile all of the data at the end of the summer. We plan on spending several days each week (with the help of other non-global health student researchers) talking to patients at Clinica Tepeyac and handing out the surveys. Additionally, we plan on working with Clinica Tepeyac staff at community events outside of the clinic in order to get survey data from people who perhaps aren’t currently accessing care at the clinic.

We are optimistic that the findings of our study will be of critical importance as Clinica Tepeyac seeks to improve the quality, scope, and reach of its care in the future. It is our hope that with our preliminary findings that we may be directed to additional questions and future research that will elucidate the barriers to care in the Latino community.