Denver Public Health Metro TB Clinic

The Denver Public Health Metro TB Clinic serves patients across Colorado who have suspected or known TB exposure.  Most of the patients in attendance are foreign-born.  As an intern, I helped the Metro TB Clinic prepare for a coming phase II clinical trial, testing a new monitoring system on patients who have active tuberculosis disease.  The system would monitor the ingestion of TB medicines through physiological sensors similar to an EKG, and allow patients to take dosings at home instead of in the clinic every day.  On a day-to-day basis, I interviewed patients and learned about patient needs, I informed and helped clinic investigators and the study sponsors to modify and write the research protocol.  The Metro TB Clinic allowed me to participate actively in other ongoing research projects, join the physicians on infectious disease consults in the Denver Health hospital, and learn extensively about the disease in clinic alongside the doctor and nursing staff.  Medical students interested in working at the TB clinic preferably speak Spanish (40% of patients) but it is not required, as interpreters are used for large clinic population of refugees and immigrants (40%) from other parts of the world.


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