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Welcome to UCD GameSoc's website. This is where we spread information and propaganda on the amazing, modern interwebs.

Hopefully you are a member of our fine society, if not you may be inspired to come along to some of our events and join up. Either way, look around.

GameSoc was founded in the murky past, sometime in the late eighties we think, and we've been loitering around UCD playing games of all shapes and sizes ever since. These days we are generally found at The Blob, or more correctly, in seats just beside it. The Blob is a hideous piece of "Modern Art" found next to the BC staircase in the Arts Block, or Newman Building if you're showing off.

Our two most popular games are probably Magic: The Gathering and the World of Darkness series. These are a collectible card game and a pen and paper RPG respectively. Otherwise we play lots of boardgames and we've recently acquired over seven hundred euro worth of video games equipment to bring our library up to date.

So come along to the blob any time and chances are you'll find us there. We may be a little weird and noisy but we're friendly enough and will be happy to introduce you to an interesting game or learn one from you.

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GameSoc are not responsible for events that do not run or websites that do not update as a result of committee members getting hit by buses.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Conventions: UCC's Warpcon - link