The Minority Business Students Association (MBSA) seeks to enhance the educational experience and career development of minority students enrolled in The Business School at the University of Colorado Denver. We welcome participation by all current and former Business School students.

We look to accomplish multiple goals. This includes the creation of a professional business network comprised of Business School students, Business School and UCD faculty, and business professionals and corporations in the Denver metropolitan area. The MBSA will promote the mentoring of Business School students by Business School faculty, alumni, and friends of the Business School to provide academic and career guidance. The MBSA will also volunteer a portion of its time to service to the Denver area business and general community.

The MBSA specializes in hosting events focused on assisting students with furthering their careers. Our goal is to help all students prepare, find, and succeed in business positions whether they involve internships, full time positions, or graduate educational opportunities. Previous events have included interview and resume workshops, career information sessions, and a career fair with corporate partners.


We welcome your participation in all future MBSA events as a member or a friend of the association. If you are interested in learning more about the club or would like to be on the notification list for future events, please send an email to the club sponsor, Dr. Ronald Ramirez (ronald.ramirez@ucdenver.edu). Please include your name, email address for correspondence, major, and year in program. We look forward to hearing from you.


UC Denver and the MBSA use an online community called OrgSync that allows for club membership registration. In order for us to be officially recognized as a club by UC Denver, members must join the MBSA through OrgSync. It is free...

To Join OrgSync:

  1. Go to www.orgsync.com.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the page click on "Register" and complete OrgSync's registration form.
  3. Once you are registered with OrgSync, on your home page click the button that says "JOIN AN ORG" under the My Orgs tab.
  4. On the next list scroll down to Minority Business Student Association or type Minority Business Student Association in the search box and click "Join."
  5. You will now be at your "portal" where you can access all the clubs you are registered for. Click the My Orgs tab and click on the MBSA link. This will now take you to the MBSA OrgSync Homepage.