Equine Webinar Schedule

9:00-9:50AM (PDT): Aspects of Managing the Recumbent Horse 
Nicola Pusterla, Dr.med.vet., Habil., Diplomate ACVIM 

The recumbent horse presents a logistic, diagnostic, and therapeutic challenge to the equine practitioner. Challenges faced by those working on recumbent hoses include safety for patient and caretakers, obtaining a proper diagnosis, providing adequate treatment of the primary disease process, preventing secondary complications, and providing adequate nursing care. This presentation will focus on the causes of recumbency, assessment of the down horse, diagnostic work-up, management and treatment.


9:50-10:00AM (PDT): BREAK

10:00-10:50AM (PDT): Management of Head Trauma in Horses 
Julie Dechant, DVM, MS, DACVS 

Head trauma in horses results in two main types of injury: central nervous system (CNS) injury and/or fracture of the bony structures of the skull. While periorbital and facial fractures can present their own treatment challenges, rapid recognition and prompt management of traumatic CNS injury is essential to maximize survival. Treatment strategies adapted from human medicine can be applied to the equine patient and may further improve outcome.