NF/Call Information


1. Read all ER / ICU Studies: 
-Draft studies to Evening or Night Attending for 1 hr TAT.
-Use "Recently Performed" or "On Call-Resident" filter. 
-Dictate studies after being stamped "OK" in McKesson.
2. Read all remaining inpatient studies: 
-Dictate/call critical changes.
-Studies should be read following all TAT studies.
3. VA Studies / VA IR Requests:
-Residents are THE BACKUP for VA if their tele service goes down. If you get a request to read a study from the VA because their service is down READ IT. If you're not sure READ IT anyway.
-VA tech should call to inform you + fax study info (CT & XR). -Use "VA Workgroup" filter.
-Email results to and include who the results were communicated to.
-Review VA Prelim Protocol to clarify responsibilities.
-Residents no longer field IR requests. Please redirect any requests to the VA operator 513-861-3100.
4. Emergent MR Studies:
-Stroke/Cauda Equina Syn/Occult Fx/Septic Hip/Fasciitis
-Determine patient location (i.e., UH vs. WCH). See #10 below for WCH.
-Call MRI tech in if not in house (Pager 269-4380 for UH).
-Call ER techs at 4-5845 to find out who is on call if needed etc.
-MR tech has MSK protocol, basically T1 and T2 in every plane.
-Review MSK Policy regarding Staffing Studies.       

5. Ultrasound: 

-U/S Tech on call overnight. Schedule on wall in reading room for UH. 
-Determine patient location (i.e., UH vs. WCH). 
See #10 below for WCH.
-Only perform emergent studies: Ovarian/testicular torsion, renal transplant, liver transplant, ectopic pregnancy.
Ectopic pregnancy

6. Emergent Fluoroscopy:

        -Anything you deem "emergent".
        -Esophageal perforations or LP.
        -Talk to the techs to work out timing etc.
7. IR Coordination (Body and Neuro):
-IR calls will be channeled through you.
-Determine patient location (i.e., UH vs. WCH). 
See #10 below for WCH.
-Page the IR resident/fellow or IR attending on call as necessary. 
-Try to determine if it emergent or not and collect  information*.
-Staff will determine whether or not to do the case.
-Ask staff if they want the fellow/resident called in and when.
-The all-page number is 577-0404. A nurse, primary tech and a secondary tech should call back. If a secondary/backup nurse or tech calls you back first, ask them to make sure that the primary is notified because you have not heard back from them. For Neuro cases, both the primary and secondary tech as well as the nurse are needed. For Body IR cases, only the primary tech and nurse are needed.  If you do not have a nurse and tech call back within 15 minutes please look at the call schedule and call them on their cell phone.  
The call schedule is posted in the old IR break room.  The list of phone numbers and pager numbers are on the list posted in the Abdomen Room and IR reading room.
-IR typically does not place PICCs on the weekend or on call (this is done by the PICC team).

-Document patient calls on IR Phone Sheet in call room and place in IR Reading Room to be addressed the following day.
*Info: Pt name/MRN, Physician + contact number, clinical course, relevant labs (Coag, PLT, ect), Can patient consent/agree to procedure?
 8. Nuc Med Coordination:
-Typically V/Q, Heart ER, and GI Bleed studies.
-Determine patient location (i.e., UH vs. WCH). See #10 below for WCH.
-Page the tech on call with the information* for the studies.
-Call schedule is on the right of the Abd PACS station.
-Studies are read by staff at home and called to physician. *Info: Name, MRN, Ordering physician, phone # to call results, and ER room #.  (Negative CXR w/in 24 hrs for V/Q)
-Inject "Heart ER" studies after 11pm Mon-Thurs, otherwise call the tech (Rey) at 4-2287 or overhead page 3150.
-Review this ACS Protocol. Only inject if pain is w/in 2 hours.
-Lockbox code in Nucs hallway is 1&5, then 3.
-Check to make sure doses are not expired prior to injection.
-If expired, page the tech to come in and make a dose.
-New doses takes 3-4 hrs so make sure the ED still wants study.
-Studies scanned at 5am except Fri after 6pm until early Monday morning when you need to call the tech to come in.
-Nuc Cardiology available Sat 9am-1pm at 4-3059 or 4-9052
-Page the tech with any questions.
-Check lockbox prior to your shift to see when doses expire.

9. Breast Center Patients:

-Contact info for Breast Staff for after hours questions.

10. West Chester Hospital after hours:

- Requesting physicians will call the main reading room at UC and request the study (Nuc med, US, MRI). If the request is reasonable and a tech needs to be called in, call the West Chester in-house tech at 513-298-8939 - this tech will have the 'tech on-call list' and they will be responsible for calling in the appropriate tech.
- For OB ultrasound, the requesting physician should call the in-house tech directly, and that tech is responsible for calling in the OB ultrasound tech.

- For West Chester Hospital emergent LP or other spine procedure requests after hours (i.e.- LP for meningitis), please obtain the appropriate information (indication, appropriate labs/coags, ordering physician, etc.) and then contact Dr. E by cell (513-314-7861). If no answer, contact via pager (513-269-4649).

              Important Numbers

UCMC Techs

3D Lab 4-2789

Front Desk 4-4391

ER Techs 4-5845

Main Techs 4-0638

ER CT 4-1971

Main CT 4-0611

Inpt. MR 4-1095

Outpt. MR 4-6904

MSB MR 558-3881

Nucs Techs 4-2287

US Techs 4-1646

Nucs Overhead Page 3150

Radiology Overhead Page 3737

PACS Desk 4-7227



A, SRU D14-17 Att 4-2636

A1-8, SRU R3 Res 688-5033

A9-10,D14-17 Res 688-5029

B, D18-20 Att 688-5013

B,D18-20 R4 Res 688-5034

B,D18-20 R1 Res 688-5031

B,D18-20 R1 Res 688-5035

C32-41 R2 Res 688-5032

Ipod Res 688-5318

Ipod MLP 688-5021

Ipod Att 688-5317

CDU (Obs) Att 688-5317

CDU (Obs) MLP 688-5372

ED Charge Nurse 688-5026


UCMC Floors

CSD 4-4890    MICU 4-2550

NSICU S (1-12) 4-7273

NSICU E (14-21) 4-2301 

SICU 4-4433   OB 967-3024 

CVICU 4-6580   SDS 4-7300

PACU 4-7575    OR 4-1944

  4N 4-7000       

4E (4150-60) 4-2210

4NW (4320-32) 4-7930

       5E (5144-65) 4-8300        

5NW (5342-5435) 4-8070

6S (6218-33) 4-4733

        6NW (6346-67) 4-2290         

7S (7220-37) 4-4954

7NW (7348-66,7408-33) 4-2250

8E (8142-60) 4-7182

8S (8212-26) 4-7130

8NW (8350-8435) 4-7590      

8CCP 4-3280  9CCP 4-4260

Anesthesia Attending  519-1111

Anesthesia Pain Service Page ID 7246

Cytopathology pager 249-0137


Florence front desk 

Florence XR 

MAB CT 475-8760

MAB US 475-8752

MAB XR 475-8761

Midtown Mammo 458-1755

Montgomery Ortho 475-4953

Midtown XR 458-1754

WCN CT 475-8085

WCN MR 475-8088

WCN US 475-8387

WCN XR 475-8377

MSB MRI - 558-3881

UH Sports Holmes (SMRHOL) XR 584-1227

VV  MR 556-6373

WCH Ortho 475-8996

White Oak XR 475-7254

Children's Stat Box 636-6286



VA Hospital 861-3100

VA Resident x5210/5281/4286

Dr. Malhotra x4298

Dr. Koenigsknecht x5314

Dr. Bahvsar x5315

VA MR x5400    VA PACS x5628

VA CT x4290/4291 or 475-6547

VA NM RR x4276    

Dr. Deng x4273

VA NM Front Desk x6319

Jenny (VA Coordinator) x4299

VA 3 digit Paging System 5100

VA Paging System 475-6550



Critical results:
Radiology (during the day)

418-2892 or
House manager (after hours) 418-4475

4N 418-2885
3N 418-2873
3S 318-2875
2N 418-2869
2S 418-2871

Health South:
AE 418-5611
1E 418-5601
2E 418-5671

VITAS 5N 418-5003

AMION (UC Health)

In-House Paging

584-PAGE (584-7243)

Page system 585-9924


Reading Rooms

Abdomen CT  4-2788

Abdomen CT 1 4-2790

Abdomen CT 2 4-6213

Abdomen CT 3 4-2452 

Cardiac 4-1107

Chest CR 4-0633

Chest CT 4-4876

Chest Portables 4-2334

IR Desk 4-0602

IR Reading Room 4-0617

MAB 475-8763

Mammo (diag) 4-5332

Mammo (screens) 4-1291

MSK Bone Board 4-0643

MSK MR #1 4-6232

MSK MR #2 4-3626

Neuro CT 4-6376

Neuro MR 4-0621

Neuro Overflow 4-3934

Nucs 4-9052

Ultrasound 4-3893

VV  556-6353

WCH 298-8940

WCN (UP) 475-8089

WCH Mammo 298-8952

WCH Outpt Spine 475-8303

Vascular Lab 4-5148


West Chester Hospital

CT Techs 298-8927
MRI Techs 298-7768
Nuclear Medicine 298-8984
Ultrasound 298-8949
Cardiac Stress Lab 298-8960

Rad Tech (after hours) 298-8939

WCH Operator 298-3000

ER (Critical Results) 298-8800
Critical Results for Inpatients:
1st floor 298-8175
2nd floor 298-8275
3rd floor 298-8375
4th floor 298-8475
5th floor 298-8575

Bob Staton (Director) 298-8988
Larry Meyer (Manager CT, DR) 298-8965
Tom Giglio (Manager US, MRI, NM, Stress) 298-8972
MIS 298-8060, 298-3624 Ascom
Carla Brady (MIS Manager) 298-8051

On-call MIS case:
Call the hospital supervisor 298-3444 or 298-3737  (pager 209-1183)
RN and tech will be called in

On-call CT case:
Call CT tech at 298-8927 or 298-3066 and the RN will be called in
M-F until 9 pm, Sat/Sun/holiday 8 am – 4 pm


Interventional Radiology

(For use while IN HOUSE/ON CAMPUS) 

On call RN: 513-688-5444
   On call Tech: 513-688-5446     
 On call Res/Fel: 513-688-5448        

IR All-Page: 577-0404

IR Reading Room 4-0617

Attending Contact Info


Rose 558-6180

Evelyn (CCHMC) 636-4504

Mary (Neuro) 4-1584 

Princess (Body) 4-2146



To find out who is on call: 4-5845

Rick H: 4-0689, pager 269-4572

Karen P: 4-0682, pager 269-4834

Renee L: 298-8924, pager 209-1956


Resident Room 4-0641

Raegene Heilmann 4-9053

Erica Washburn 4-0645


Fax Numbers

MICU    584-2013
NICU    584-1997
SICU     584-8321
NSICU  584-0579 (Please call 584-7273 first as this machine is on the floor)
CVICU   584-0388
PES ED  584-5618
BSCU     584-3866
APOD/SHREW   584-2642
BPOD    584-1767

    ED    636-5409

WCH ER Pod A - 298-8870 (main fax)
WCH ER Command Center Desk – 298-8889 (only as a back-up)
ICU – 298-8260
Anything else, fax to main dept and techs can get it to the correct floor – 298-8933

Long Distance Code: 9849239

Forward Phone: 
*3 Number. #3 to clear. 

Technologists On-Call

ER CT Techs also have MR call schedule
If on call MRI tech cannot be reached, call Beth Newton or Jason Freese.