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Lectures when you want them

In previous offerings of CS 169, some students indicated a preference for watching the lectures online rather than in person.

As an experiment, to acknowledge this, we are deliberately scheduling the regular lecture in a room smaller than the maximum enrollment of the course.

Those of you who enjoy live lectures are welcome to come to 306 Soda.  Those who prefer to watch online will not be stigmatized for skipping the live lecture.

However, there are important caveats:

  • Everything covered in lecture is required material, whether you attend live or watch online.  The unedited lectures will be available online (location TBD) within 24 hours or less after the live lecture, so we will assume everyone has "attended lecture" within 24 hours after the live lecture completes.  (The edited lectures will be available a few days after live lecture, but don't wait for them.)
  • Live attendance at the first two and last two lectures (in Sibley) is required for presentations and other activity.
We will conduct anonymous surveys during the semester to see how students think the experiment is going.