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Minutes of Meeting 4

posted Apr 30, 2010, 10:11 PM by venkatesan ekambaram
Topic: Electric Grid and Energy Usage in India
Attendees: Achintya (speaker), Aditya, Mohit, Prashanth, Tanushree, Venky


Venky: Is the energy consumption statistics only that of electricity or general?
Achintya: Its not clearly stated in any of the references.

Prash: Impurity of Coal in India a big factor for low efficiency.

India is a huge importer of electricity. Not clear if actually electricity generated from other countries is actually transmitted here.

Tanushree: The plot for number of villages electrified, seems to be static for last 15 yrs
Achintya: Reason is that the definition of "electrified village" was changed.

Discussion on why the power sector is not profitable enough for more private players.

Prash: Is the current grid sufficient to transmit more power?

Discussion on micro grids in rural areas.

Quality of electricity a serious issue.

Achintya: Decentralization could be a feasible solution.
Mohit - Paper on when decentralization is effective from a socio economic perspective - Pranav Vardhan

Aditya: Concept of carbon credits in US

Why is the focus more on solar?
Available everywhere? Resource not efficiently tapped into. Issues of unreliability, not cost effective as of now.

venkatesan ekambaram,
May 2, 2010, 6:01 PM