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Meeting #1 Notes

posted Mar 5, 2010, 9:32 PM by Prashanth Mohan   [ updated Aug 9, 2010, 10:25 PM ]
Prashanth -> Interested in understanding problems in rural India. Also interested in identifying opportunities for social ventures possible. Specific interests include "Accessiblity of healthcare in India" and "Electricity availability".

Achintya -> Many resources available in Berkeley. Wnat a forum for both grads and undergrads to use the network of people and get involved in some of the projects. Also interested in issues relating to rural India. Get people to give talks on 1st hand experiences.

Vivek -> Interested in the education system of US and India and how to port some of the advantages over to the Indian context. Why some of them are not directly relevant and reasons for some of failures in measures taken in India. Specific example - Teacher evaluation is taken much more seriously in the US as against India. Why? How is it useful? etc.

Venky -> Networking opportunity. Interested in getting a view of a variety of issues in order to decide which to focus on. Started a group for promoting primary ediucation and getting engineers to volunteer time for government schools. However the group did not end up materializing much of the ideas.

Ashwin -> Interested in post graduate level education issues in India and what is lacking in that space. Why do Indian students prefer to do their masters and PhD in the US? Wants to get exposed to the rural perspective.

Some topics we were interested in and are looking to present:
- Education - Primary and Vocational
- Health care
- Access to electricity
- RTI and other policy issues
- Quality of life of skilled labourers

Get some people to give talks. Possible speakers -
1. Yahel (TIER)
2. Semil Shah (
3. Kentaro (
4. Anasuya (venky's contact)

Rough order of sign ups for future presentation
Prashanth, Venky, Vivek, Achintya, Ashwin