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Meeting 13 - Five Year Plans in India

posted Feb 14, 2011, 7:58 PM by venkatesan ekambaram
Topic: Five year Plans in India
Attendees: Prashanth, Ganesh, Krishna, Arka, Rishi, Debanjan, Aditya, Avinash, Venky

First meeting of the semester. Discussed on finalizing a topic for the semester. Most of the discussion was oriented towards Five Year Plans. Two other topics were suggested
a)  Scams and corruption in India - how to deal with this in an organized manner
b) The UID program - Objectives of the program.  how the data is collected? Will it help reduce corruption? Loopholes in the system etc.

- Overview of Five year Plans in India - objectives, review process (mid - term review etc)
- Plan drafted by the planning commission and submitted to the Parliament for approval.
- 12th five year plan - has a web interface where the public can comment/provide suggestions for the upcoming plan.
- 12 areas have been identified for the plan.


- Is there an enforcement agency for the plan?
Plan is not binding on the govt. However mid term and final reviews are carried out by the commission.

- How to verify the data in the reviews?
Data might be hard to get. Reviews are based on surveys done by external agencies which might not necessarily coincide with the time of the reviews.

- Suggestions for improvement of the 12th plan website?
Could be more focussed. With the topics being general it is hard to get useful feedback.

Proposed plan for the semester is to choose one or two topics from the five year plan and discuss it in depth based on the past plans and reviews.

The two other topics could also be discussed during the semester based on the interest and material availability as the semester progresses.

Prashanth Mohan,
Feb 14, 2011, 9:47 PM