Useful Links

These are a just a few of the resources you might need in order to learn more about optometry, how to apply, and where to apply.

For Admissions - those who are currently applying for optometry schools.

OptomCAS - Centralized application process for all optometry schools in the United States.
Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) - Direct link toward signing up for the OAT  (Optometry Admission Test). It provides all the information you need in order to sign up for the test. There is also general information about the field of optometry.

Eye Care Professionals - A great website that summarizes the various optometric programs around the country and a place to learn the difference among opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists.

Bay Area Optometric Council - Learn about what is going on in the field of optometry within the local bay area. (Note: The website is currently not up to date).

Optometry Students - A great resource for pre-optometry students with interesting and informative student-written articles.

Optometry Admissions - A site developed by Dr. Jane Munroe, the Director of Admissions at SCCO to help students navigate through the admissions and application process.

For Professionals - resources for doctors of optometry.
California Optometric Association (COA) - The state organization of the AOA. A great place to network with thousands of optometrists and to learn about the current and future legislation in the state.
American Optometric Association (AOA) - The national organization of optometrist

For Campus Opportunities - ways to become more involved in the field of optometry.

Project Vision - A student-volunteer service that provides free acuity screenings and vision education to the local community.

Clinical Research Center (CRC) - The CRC is affiliated with the UC Berkeley School of Optometry that provides research opportunities.

Education - Want to learn more about eyes? Want to keep up with current research?

UC Berkeley School of Optometry - Our very own optometry school. Learn more about optometry and everything associated with it.

National Eye Institute - An arm of the National Health Institute and is the federal government's lead agency in vision research.

All About Vision - A website that is quite literally, all about vision. All your questions about anything related to the eyes and vision are answered here.

Eye Safety Training - A website that provides eye safety training videos for business use.

  UC Berkeley Foresight Pre-Optometry Club.
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