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    Fall Conference 2013

    Fall Conference 2013

    What a Success! 

    Hello everyone!

    As your Fall Conference Co-Chairs, we would like to thank you all for attending our annual Fall Conference! We had over 100 individuals join us to experience the world of Optometry through UC Berkeley's eyes. For those of you who were unable to join us, we hope to provide a brief synopsis of the day's events.

    Half of you attended the tours led by the Optometry students studying here at UC Berkeley and you saw our lecture halls, lounges, pre-clinic and other rooms used to study optometry!

    Next up, we showcased the best tips on how to work on your application and interview tips with our Associate Dean of Admissions, Sharon Joyce!

    We went out for lunch afterward and shared sandwiches and snacks with Optometry students, who gave all of us tips and a great overview on student and academic life here at Berkeley.

    Why should you apply to UC Berkeley? What makes us different from other schools? We had our UC Berkeley School of Optometry Overview with Dr. Richard Van Sluyters! 

    The Optometry Demonstrations were up next and led by Nathan, Peter, and Cynthia, current UC Berkeley Optometry students. We explored the anatomy of the eye, including the retina through our slit lamps! You all learned about the cover test and eye dominance test that you can take home to use with your friends!

    Our faculty panelists, Dr. Wildsoet, Dr. Corzine, Dr. Satchawatcharaphong, and Dr. Gronert, joined us to discuss their research and other opportunities offered at Optometry school.

    Finally, we ended off the day with a raffle and silent auction, where one of you won exclusive study materials from Kaplan! Many of you took home eye models, bags of all kinds, and our very own Foresight Pre-Optometry t-shirts!

    We would like you thank you all again for attending. We had a lot of fun getting to meet all of you, and hopefully we will see you again very soon!

    Yours truly,
    Kenny and John
    Fall Conference Co-Chairs

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