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Past Events Spring 2011

Spring Banquet
(May 4, 2011) 

Every exciting semester comes to an end. To celebrate Spring 2011, Foresight held its banquet at Saturn Cafe, opting for a new experience in vegan/vegetarian cuisine. The Space Lounge was beautifully decorated for the special night and dance music played throughout the night. Though the food was a new experience for many, it was a welcomed and enjoyable meal. Members snapped pictures nonstop throughout the night and there were a lot of crazy and happy poses. We honored our advisers, Sharon, Heather and Ariana for their hard work, our seniors for their dedication and contribution to the club and active members for their continual involvement in events. The night eventually came to an end but everyone left with pens, pins, post-its and smiles.

Residency Seminar
(May 3, 2011)

This event was another first for Foresight. With 3 residents in attendance, members gained a special inside look into the residency application process, the types of programs available and residents' thoughts on their work. Drs. Angela Chang, Eleanor Kim and Linh Vu shared a lot of valuable information and made sure to hit both good and bad points about residency. For more information about optometry residencies, check out this site

Movie Night Social
(April 28, 2011)

To wrap up the last week of classes, Foresight held its first movie night social! With freshly popped popcorn, soda, candy, a projector and screen and a good selection of movies on a laptop, Foresight members settled in comfortably for a night of relaxing. Members decided to view Tangled, the popular animated movie based on the story of Rapunzel. With laughs and "aw"s, Foresight members made sure the last week of classes ended well. 

Mentorship Social at Yogurtland
(April 20, 2011)

To wrap up a successful and fun year of mentorship, mentors and mentees met up at the Bancroft Yogurtland for some yummy frozen yogurt. It was a good way for the first year optometry students and Foresight members to catch up, chat about the end of the school year and look forward to summer. Thank you to the first-year mentors who made Foresight members' experiences so meaningful and stimulating. We wish you a wonderful summer, second year and beyond!

RAM Volunteering
(April 9-10, 2011)

This was the first time RAM (Remote Area Medical) visited Northern California to provide free dental, vision and medical care to the uninsured, unemployed, underemployed, and those who cannot afford to pay. Foresight sent volunteers on both days of the event. It was an engaging and exciting opportunity for members to interact with a lot of patients, help optometrists with facilitating eye exams and experience the optical aspect of vision healthcare. 

(March 30, 2011)

Congratulations to next year's officer team!

President: Britney Kitamata-Wong
Vice President: Yangdi Chen
Fall Conference Co-Chairs: Annie Lee, Michelle Wong
Treasurer: Kenny Tran
Secretary: Jamie Bergmark
Web Coordinator/Historian: Elizabeth Tran

OptomCAS Workshop
(March 16, 2011)

For members applying to optometry school this coming cycle or those interested in getting a head start on the application process, the OptomCAS workshop was a very informative event. Students who already applied shared tips and insight to the application process. A mock account was created on so that we could walk through the entire application process while highlight dos and don'ts. Questions were asked nonstop throughout the event! Though the next cycle doesn't open for another 4 months, members gained a better sense of the process and can now prepare accordingly.

Faculty Luncheon with Dr. Sakai and Dr. Kim
(March 14, 2011)

Foresight's second luncheon was with Dr. Cindy Sakai and Dr. Henri Kim at Milanese Cafe. Dr. Sakai works in a private practice and teaches low vision at UCBSO. Dr. Kim works for Firstsight at the San Leandro Walmart. Both provided such interesting insights on the profession that conversations went beyond an hour. Luncheons are a great opportunity for members to sit with optometrists in an informal setting and learn more about the field, optometry school and much more.

Chaparral House Volunteering
(March 12, 2011)

Foresight visits Chaparral House annually to spend time with seniors and brighten their afternoon. Chaparral House is a non-profit organization in Berkeley that helps create a new home and community for aging seniors.  This visit, members spent time with the seniors outdoor in sunny weather and chatted over juice and cookies. Later in the day, members helped prepare flowers for arrangements and worked alongside the elderly to fill each vase with vibrant and aromatic flowers. 

NECO Presentation
(March 10, 2011)

Dr. Elise Harb came to California all the way from the New England College of Optometry to speak to Foresight about the OD program at NECO. In addition to discussing their curriculum and program, Dr. Harb also shared lots of handy information about their research programs and her own experiences with NECO, with a focus on pediatrics. If you missed this presentation but want to find out more about NECO, visit their website.

University of Houston Presentation
(March 9, 2011)

Dr. Lanny Schulman from the University of Houston, College of Optometry, presented on their OD program and shared many interesting personal anecdotes about his experience as an optometrist and faculty member. Many members showed up with an interest to learn more about out of state programs available. For more information about UHCO, feel free to check out their website.

Interhealth Social-Scavenger Hunt
(March 4, 2011)

Foresight teamed up with PILLS and Cal Pre-Dental Society once again to host another exciting Interhealth Social!  The night started with a brief social where members from the three organizations gathered, met their group members and learned about the night's event-a fun-filled scavenger hunt. When given the signal to start, teams ran off into the dark all over campus seeking for landmarks matching their picture clues. Every team had to take a picture by each clue and run back to the meeting room for a chance to win. Though only a few won the CREAM gift cards, everyone was able to enjoy snacks and had a good time meeting other pre-health students.

Illinois College of Optometry Presentation
(March 3, 2011)

Illinois College of Optometry, one of the oldest and most well-established optometry school programs in the country, brought an information-filled presentation to Foresight. Melissa Cook from ICO shared a clip from their new "Day in the Life" DVD, highlighting two first year students' experiences at the school. Despite a hectic night (due to sudden room changes from student budget protests), members still enjoyed the event munching on crackers & cheese and listening to what ICO has to offer. For more information on ICO's program, check out their website

Mock Interview Night 
(February 24, 2011)

Foresight hosted the first Mock Interivew Night and hopes to keep this an annual event. This was a great opportunity for participating members to dress up in professional attire, strengthen their interview skills and prepare for optometry school interviews. The event included interview segments by current Berkeley optometry students and senior Foresight officers. They posed questions that are commonly asked in a real optometry school interview. After each segment, interviewers provided on the spot feedback and members were able to hear advice from people who went through the process. Chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, pretzels and marshmallows was served at the event, making a successful event even sweeter!

Faculty Luncheon with Dr. Green
(February 23, 2011)

The first faculty/optometrist luncheon of the semester was held at Le Petit Cheval with Dr. Harry Green, a clinical instructor at UCBSO who is also involved in research at the Clinical Research Center (CRC). The luncheon was a great way to for members to learn more about the field of optometry, Berkeley School of Optometry and much more!

Street Meal Volunteering
(February 12, 2011)

Several Foresight members dedicated their Saturday afternoons at the First Presbyterian Church to cook a warm, delicious dinner for community members in need of a meal. The dinner menu included rice, salad, meatloaf, bread, oranges and refreshments. Our members had fun throughout the entire event from cooking to setting up to cleaning up. It was a very meaningful experience for us to serve our community!

Mentorship Re-Meet & Greet
(February 10, 2011)

First year optometry school mentors and Foresight mentees met for the first time this semester for a cupcake decorating social. There were over 90 cupcakes of several flavors, frosting, sprinkles and M&Ms...plenty of sweets to go around! Mentor-mentee pairs created their own styles of cupcakes and munched away while catching up on the new semester. 

Foresight Game Night & Ice Cream Social
(February 3, 2011)

Even though the ice cream was melting fast, everything else about the night was fun. Foresight members gathered for some board and word games. Everyone chose which game they wanted to play: Taboo, Catchphrase or Apples to Apples and games quickly got underway. The room was filled with screams, laughter and playful smack talk between competitors. It was a great way for members to meet new people and de-stress from schoolwork!

Indiana University Presentation 
(January 27, 2011)

Joe Boes, Associate Director of Recruiting, from Indiana University School of Optometry visited Foresight to share information about their program and application process. He gave an overview of the requirements prior to applying and offered insight into their curriculum. Information regarding class profiles, financial aid, class prerequisites were available on pamphlets and handouts. For more information about Indiana University, feel free to explore their website.

Spring First General 
(January 25, 2011)

Thanks to everyone who came out to the first general of Spring 2011. We were pleased to see so many of you come out and listen to what Foresight has planned for this semester! If you were unable to join us or would like to review what was presented, you can download a copy of the night's presentation here. For a brief list of this semester's upcoming events, download a copy here. We're excited for this semester and hope to see you at our events!

Some important points to take away from this meeting:
-Contact your optometry student mentors to set up shadowing in the pre-clinic!
-Be sure to make it out to 5 events (one of which should be volunteering and one of which should be a social) to qualify as an active member. Active members receive priority to BAOC shadowing and other benefits.
-If you're thinking of running for office, attend at least 7 events per semester (of the 7: 1 volunteering and 1 social) and email Liz to confirm your qualification.

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