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UPDATE: UC Berkeley School of Optometry Immunology Prerequisite (posted 12/21/14):
The last semester for MCB 50 to be valid for Berkeley's Immunology requirement is Spring 2014. After that semester, applicants from Berkeley must take MCB 150 to satisfy this prerequisite.

UPDATE: UC Berkeley School of Optometry's Math Prerequisites (posted 08/07/14):
UC Berkeley School of Optometry is now taking UC Berkeley's Math 10A and Math 10B to satisfy their calculus and statistics requirement. Both courses need to be completed for this to count towards the two subjects.

Changes to Western University Chemistry Requirements (posted 11/7/2013):
Western University has made a new decision regarding chemistry prerequisites. They have decided that Chemistry 1B will not longer a required course to be eligible to apply to Western University. 
The following chemistry sequences currently accepted for UC Berkeley students are: Chemistry 1A, 3A/3AL, 3B/3BL AND MCB 100 OR MCB 102.

UPDATE: MCB 100/102 will not fulfill the Biochemistry requirement if it is used as a part of your chemistry sequence. You must take another Biochemistry course if you intend to use MCB 100/102 as a substitute for Chem 1B. 

Changes to MCHPS Prerequisites Courses (posted 11/3/2013):
For those of you who are thinking about applying to the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for your Optometry studies, Biochemistry will no longer be a required course, but will now be a recommended course for admissions. If you apply and decide to attend MCPHS, biochemistry will be taught during your first year. 
For more information, please visit their website.

NEW CHANGES to UCBSO Prerequisite Courses (posted 04/11/2011):
For those of you thinking about applying to optometry in the near future, there have been several updates to UCBSO’s requirements. Please check them out HERE.
Microbiology: MCB 112 or Public Health 162A – 1 semester (previously, lab required)
- Immunology: MCB 150 or MCB 50 without lab – 1 semester (new requirement for those applying in the cycle starting July 2012, not this upcoming cycle)
Calculus: Math 16A or 1A – 1 semester (previously, 2 semesters required)
Statistics: Stat 2 or 131A or Public Health 142 – 1 semester (previously, Stat 2 not accepted)

Western University Chemistry Requirements (posted 11/17/2010):
Western University has recently reached a decision regarding chemistry prerequisites. They have decided that all UC Berkeley applicants must take the required chemistry requirements they ask of, meaning that you must take Chemistry 1B in order to be eligible for application to Western University.

UC Berkeley School of Optometry Prerequisite Courses Updated! (posted 10/24/2010):
Two new changes have been made to UC Berkeley School of Optometry's prerequisite course list:
1) General Physics requirement courses (2 semesters or 3 quarters) NO longer have to be CALCULUS-BASED. Physics courses designed for biology majors or pre-health majors will be sufficient.
2) Microbiology LABORATORY is NO longer required. A lecture course for microbiology must still be fulfilled.
Please refer to the website for more information.

SUNY Interview Changes (posted 08/08/2010):
The State University of New York College of Optometry will no longer conduct interviews on campus at Berkeley for applicants. All applicants must now hold their interview at SUNY.

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