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2/12/10: Version 1.2.6 of Dtella@UCB has now been posted.
See here for the changes.  What is posted here is just a version of Purdue's Dtella modified to work on the Berkeley network.  The new version has not been tested here so please report any problems in chat or to dtella.ucb@gmail.com.

Brief Introduction

Dtella@Berkeley is a modified version of Dtella (which was originally by Purdue students).
You can read more about Dtella here.

Website for other Dtella@Berkeley related things (releases bot listing, irc stats): http://dtella.it.cx/ (mostly not working)

Use the AutoInstaller for Windows OR follow the instructions below:


1.     Download Dtella@Berkeley.    ->          Windows              Mac                        Source Code (Linux)

2.     Install Dtella@Berkeley.
            Check box for start on startup.
                Running at Startup for Mac
                    1. Open System Preferences
                    2. Go to Accounts
                    3. Click the Login Items tab
                    4. Click the [+] Button
                    5. Add Dtella from your Applications folder and check the box that makes it hidden.

3.     Download DC++/ShakesPeer  ->         Windows (vers 7.8.2)      Mac (vers 0.9.11)

Now to install...

Now, depending on if you are using Windows or Mac, choose the corresponding option to your operating system.

Questions or Problems? Visit the FAQ.

Having problems connecting after installing? Your firewall may be the problem.

Getting used to using DC++/Shakespeer? Visit the 
User Guide.